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AI Gives Designers Freedom

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AI Gives Designers Freedom
AI Gives Designers Freedom

Video: AI Gives Designers Freedom

Video: AI Gives Designers Freedom
Video: "For AI, By AI: Freedom & Evolution of the AlgoPoetic Avant-Garde" by Connor Walsh 2023, April

We have been dealing with automation for over 35 years and have great confidence in smart solutions. The interaction between man and machine changes how we work, how we develop and manufacture things. Autodesk focuses on artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality as well as 3D printing under the roof of automation. This digitally combines design, mechanical engineering and simulation up to CAM, additive manufacturing and factory management. This uniform platform dissolves the silos between the disciplines, enables more agile work between engineering teams and makes manufacturers more competitive.

Virtual reality

How VR and AR work - basics, overview and examples

What are the advantages of AI in product development?

An AI-based solution for design and construction such as generative design offers the user a wide variety of design variants within a short time. Even the most creative designers - based on their previous experience - always come up with similar designs. AI and computational exploration, on the other hand, are developing entirely new designs that a human brain might not imagine. All variants are based on the specifications of the user, such as the choice of materials or the cost framework of the product. This reduces the time required, is more efficient and therefore cheaper. This makes the company more competitive.

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What are the advantages for the designer?

By using AI in CAD software, designers and designers can reduce the amount of less interesting, time-consuming routine work. This gives them more freedom to concentrate on more important tasks. Ultimately, this means that thanks to AI, employees have more interesting tasks and are also more productive and creative.

AI-based systems also offer designers the opportunity to use all of the designs that have been developed to date. In this way, best cases can be built on and the repetition of errors avoided. Engineers can use their time better and focus on creative processes.

In which Autodesk solutions is AI already integrated today?

We are only just beginning to integrate artificial intelligence into our software. But many solutions already contain elements of AI. For example, our Fusion 360 design tools have an application that makes it easier for users to navigate and understand generative design results. In the coming years, many more manufacturing design processes in Fusion will be automated by AI.

With the online course "Machine Learning - how does the machine learn?" You can delve deeper into the methodology. Professor van der Smagt - Head of Artificial Intelligence at Volkswagen - explains to participants in two hours the most important concepts of machine learning in a concentrated and compact manner.

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How will this change the designer's job?

We see an increasing dependence on automation solutions that radically expand the range of possibilities for a designer. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled workers - in both the manufacturing and construction industries. The future of work is changing: The separation between planning and manufacturing processes and even between some industries themselves is disappearing increasingly, departments and supply chains are becoming more and more networked, and automation is increasing cooperation between people and machines and enables new, innovative ways of working.

What are the opportunities for sustainable development?

The more we manufacture, the scarcer the resources become. Already today 30% of the world's waste comes from the construction industry, 70% of all spare parts are never used. The result is inefficient supply chains and wasted storage space, materials, time and money. Thanks to AI, the solutions produced - whether everyday objects or buildings - are tailored more and more individually to our needs, are becoming more tailor-made, configurable, networked and ultimately more and more useful.

What other hurdles have to be overcome?

The potential of the new technologies makes it necessary to transform existing jobs. It is therefore important that people are willing to learn throughout their lives and to deal with new developments. This requires that we expand and improve our educational offerings for all population groups. The task must be accomplished by everyone: by the state, e.g. B. by promoting educational institutions, but also by companies, by making new technologies such as AI and machine learning accessible to all interested parties.

Can you finally give examples of the successful use of AI in development?

The space lander, a planetary research project from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Autodesk, is a good example. Our generative design approach was used for the construction. Thanks to the completely new design, the mass of the outer structure of the lander was reduced by 35%. This allows more space for the lander's cargo such as sensors and instruments that can search for life beyond Earth.

Another nice example is the heavy metal manufacturer Claudius Peters. The company has combined the generative design approach with traditional manufacturing methods. This resulted in a component that is significantly lighter than its predecessor.

Thank you very much, Mr. Haley.

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