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The Best Employers In 2020

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The Best Employers In 2020
The Best Employers In 2020

Video: The Best Employers In 2020

Video: The Best Employers In 2020
Video: Forbes list of World's Best Employers 2020. 2023, June

Workers can assess where it works best on the job portal Glassdoor. The portal awards the “Best Employer” award each year from these evaluations.

Automotive sector rated lower

In first place is the automobile manufacturer Porsche, which is improving rapidly - Porsche did not finish in the top 25 last year. Siemens Healthineers and the ZF Group are also new in the top 25 ranking.

It is striking that apart from Porsche, the automotive industry is doing worse this year - Daimler, BMW, Continental and VW fall behind in their rankings and Audi, which was in 12th place the year before, falls out of the top 25 ranking this year.

The rating is based on points and ranges from 5 (very satisfied) to 1 (very unsatisfied). The average rating is 3.5.


Job portal selects the 25 best employers in Germany

The best employers in 2020 at a glance:

Top 25 employers employer Last year's placement rating Voices from the company
1st place Porsche no 4.5 "Young team, great colleagues, great environmental awareness, great salary, interesting tasks." - engineer. "Family environment, top work, top wages." - Apprentice
place 2 Infineon Technologies place 2 4.5 "High remuneration, flexible working hours and your own division of work." - Quality manager
place 3 Robert Bosch place 3 4.4 "Many opportunities for development, fair and pleasant working atmosphere, social enterprise." - controller
4th place McKinsey & Company no 4.4 "A strong culture that stands for mentoring, learning and added value for customers." - Senior Associate
5th place SAP 1st place 4.4 “Employees I met are all committed. There are numerous initiatives on a wide variety of topics.” - Senior software engineer
Rank 6 Daimler 4th place 4.4 "Pros: employee benefits, working conditions and home office opportunity." - IT project manager
7th place European Central Bank no 4.4 "The work is sensible, well-paid and challenging in an international environment with development opportunities." - Principal Supervisor
8th place airbus 19th place 4.3 "A great employer with inspiring products and a lot of freedom for entrepreneurial thinking." - Finance manager
9th place Capgemini 14th place 4.3 "Very human dealings with colleagues, opportunities for personal development, fair conditions, social benefits." - Lead business analyst
Place 10 Siemens Healthineers no 4.3 "Good conditions, job security, interesting tasks." - Health economist
11th place ZF Group no 4.3 "Exciting fields of activity, international and interdisciplinary teams, reliable and fair employer." - Senior speaker
12th place BMW 7th place 4.3 "High salary level, very extensive additional benefits, diverse opportunities for further development, open culture." - Senior R&D engineer
13th place Siemens 11th place 4.3 “Open office and complete trust when it comes to working hours. My management only looks at the results.”- Talent Acquisition Manager
14th place puma no 4.3 “The culture at Puma is great. Flat hierarchies, multiculturalism. Everyone can be as they want.” - Product Lifecycle Manager
15th place Max Planck Society 25th place 4.3 "Good financing, good administration, flexible working hours, international study groups." - Postdoctoral Researcher
16th place Bayer 15th place 4.3 "Friendly working atmosphere, above-average salary, flexible working hours, large training catalog." - Procurement Manager
17th place Continental Place 10 4.3 "A high degree of flexibility for home office or mobile work." - Project Manager
18th place Roche no 4.3 "Great colleagues who are very open, who like to answer questions and help other colleagues." - controller
19th place Salesforce no 4.3 "Management actively supports employees in career planning and implementation." - Senior Account Executive
20th place Fraunhofer Society Rank 6 4.3 "Work-life balance, flexible working hours, development opportunities." - Head of department
21st place Delivery Hero no 4.2 "Great work environment, numerous additional benefits and an excellent learning culture." - Display Marketing Analyst
22nd place Volkswagen 13th place 4.2 "Flexible working hours, home office, agile company, fair pay." - Product manager
23rd place Microsoft no 4.2 "Great culture, with open communication and intensive learning." - Cloud Solutions Architect
24th place MHP - A Porsche Company 9th place 4.2 "Very good cohesion. Everyone helps you, everyone can ask everyone. I have never seen any other company like this.” - Manager
25th place Deutsche Telekom no 4.2 “Flexible working hours, own company car, great team. Comprehensible decisions and clear hierarchies.” - Clerk

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