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Digital Schematic Bag Replaces Paper Documentation

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Digital Schematic Bag Replaces Paper Documentation
Digital Schematic Bag Replaces Paper Documentation

Video: Digital Schematic Bag Replaces Paper Documentation

Video: Digital Schematic Bag Replaces Paper Documentation
Video: Replace Paper Based Processes with Digital Document Management & Workflow 2023, June

The future is digital - also in control and switchgear construction. Rittal and Eplan presented the digital circuit diagram bag at the SPS 2019 under the heading "Digital Information Management". In the event of maintenance, service or maintenance, it can be called up directly on the control and switchgear using a tablet.

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QR code on the control cabinet ensures assignment

The assignment between digital documentation and the real control cabinet takes place via a component QR code on the control cabinet: a unique identification system in this form, which every Rittal VX25 large cabinet and every AX compact and KX small housing already has at the factory, and that makes it possible to uniquely identify every cabinet or housing worldwide. The Rittal product scan app can be used, for example, to call up information on control cabinet items or, in the future, the Eplan project associated with the control cabinet or machine.

Product development

Rethinking product development

Always the current circuit diagram version

The technician makes changes to the documentation of the circuit diagram via Eplan-E-View using the redlining function. The cloud service E-View links to an always current version of the circuit diagram. The changes can then be adopted in the Eplan project of the platform of the same name.

Networking via the cloud

The connection to business processes within the company is not a problem via a cloud solution. This means that the service technician can directly order the required spare parts online, including a link to warehouse logistics or purchasing. Such a solution can also be used to bill for service assignments, for example if external companies carry them out.

If an existing control and switchgear system is to be converted or expanded, the planners can carry it out directly based on the data of the digital twin. This prevents inefficient duplication of work. These are just a few examples of how the former digital product twin can continue to be used as a digital operating or performance twin after delivery.

Paperless manufacturing

Future opportunity digitalization in control cabinet construction

Data quality is a prerequisite

With the applications described above, the digital twin that is created during the planning and manufacture of a control and switchgear system is also used during operation. The basis is the careful handling of the generated data. Only comprehensive electrical planning and complete 3D construction planning ensure that a digital twin of the system is created, in which all details are included. It is important that high-quality data is available for all components and systems used.

Rittal provides both Eplan macros and 3D design data for all new systems on the market. With consistent data management along the entire value chain, the control and switchgear manufacturer not only optimizes his own processes, but also provides the customer with the digital twin of the system, which enables additional services with added value during operation.

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