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Detect The Condition Of Grinding Wheels Without Sensors

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Detect The Condition Of Grinding Wheels Without Sensors
Detect The Condition Of Grinding Wheels Without Sensors

Video: Detect The Condition Of Grinding Wheels Without Sensors

Video: Detect The Condition Of Grinding Wheels Without Sensors
Video: Detection of the Wear on Grindstones of CNC Grinder【Air Gap Sensors】 2023, May

BMR has been manufacturing frequency inverters for machine tools with an output of 150 VA to 3.6 kVA for over 40 years. Depending on the application, such as milling or grinding and the power required, the inverters are selected, parameterized and individually tailored to the tool and speed. Upon request, customers can have a ready-to-use system tailored to their individual application, in which all the necessary components are integrated. This saves time and costs.

Process visualization capitalized

A specialty of BMR are dressing systems with which the surface and the work area on the grinding wheel are brought into shape and irregularities are eliminated at regular intervals. This is a sensitive process that requires extraordinary precision in mechanics and electronics for high-quality CBN grinding wheels. In 2016 the company succeeded in developing a new method for cutting edge detection and dressing control and integrating this into the converter. According to the company, this is unique worldwide: The Dress-View systems work sensorless with standard spindles without expensive "acoustic emission microphones" and a detection accuracy of up to 2 µm.

Electric motors

This is what the drive technology of the future looks like

In addition to the system with an integrated display, the "Dress-View-Lite" with evaluation in the machine control system (without display with high-precision load output and for adaptive feed control) will be presented for the first time at SPS 2019. Due to their high sensitivity to motor signals, both variants contribute to process monitoring and premaintenance control. Status data, such as the degree of sharpness of the tool or the bearing status of the spindle, are recorded reliably, which leads to a stabilization of the manufacturing processes; Maintenance and repairs can be planned and the risk of unintentional machine downtime is minimized. A cooling device in a compact size as a 19 "rack or in almost the same dimensions as a table-top device, as well as a control system for the spindle sealing air,To prevent the ingress of coolant into the spindle bearings, the offer complements.

Multi-network solutions

With the SFU Communicator, developed in 2018, a gateway is available for transferring the data, via which all inverters can be connected to higher-level machine controls. Interchangeable modules for all fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet networks enable communication with the converter.

Proven in practice

At Henninger GmbH & Co. KG, the Dress-View dressing system in the control cabinet version with the external control panel was used in a CNC-controlled center grinding machine. This machine has two identical grinding machining centers, each with centrically clamping and electrically driven chucks. Structure-borne noise systems were previously installed, which interfered with each other and did not allow clear separation and assignment of the signals of the grinding centers during the evaluation. The system change made it possible to grind in both centers simultaneously. "With the correct setting, this enabled a cycle time reduction of up to 50%, which led to a quick amortization of the investment," says Henninger Managing Director Jakob Kerres. The mechanical engineering specialists were also impressed by the system's low susceptibility to faults and the ease with which retrofitting can be implemented in an existing production machine and its control system.

To enable installation in the machine control panel, BMR has successfully redesigned the dress view display, which is required for parameterization and evaluation, from an operating terminal into a "panel mounting unit".

BMR at the SPS 2019: Hall 1, Stand 629

SPS 2019

Nine innovations from electrical drive technology

* Dipl.-Ing. Frank Buchholz, development BMR and Silke Brügel, freelance journalist, Ottobrunn

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