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Power Supplies Must Be Able To Communicate

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Power Supplies Must Be Able To Communicate
Power Supplies Must Be Able To Communicate

Video: Power Supplies Must Be Able To Communicate

Video: Power Supplies Must Be Able To Communicate
Video: Power Measurement and Analysis of Switched-Mode Power Supplies 2023, June

Digitization is part of our modern world. Everything is networked. This also affects the communication capabilities of power supplies: First of all, data has to be generated first, which is done primarily via sensors. These monitor machine states and processes. Components that are essential for the automation landscape, such as power supplies, are normally not included today. In addition to parameters and status data, the consumption data of the connected components are also of great importance. In the temporal context, normal behavior and deviations can be determined and necessary measures can be derived. Communication ability is therefore becoming a core component of modern power supplies.

Book tip

Digitalization is fundamentally changing industrial production. The book Industry 4.0 - Recognizing and Implementing Potential describes possible potentials and concrete implementation options for Industry 4.0 applications and serves the reader as a practical guide.

Generate warning and error messages

The Wago power supply Pro 2 is already fit for the digital age. Digitization is only consistently implemented when my automation landscape provides enough data to be able to create a virtual image. Our Pro-2 power supplies now make a valuable contribution to this. In addition to the numerous configurable options that record the behavior of the power supplies in certain situations, the permanently determined data allow warnings and error messages to be generated. This can prevent damage, for example by triggering the built-in electronic fuse. In addition, top or power boost can be used to react quickly to brief load changes. These processes describe the state of the connected circuit and its consumers. Without communication, this world remains closed to the user - that would be a shame.

Power supply

Power supply for the digital age

The competitive advantage of the Wago power supply Pro 2 lies in the options just described. The user can react immediately and purposefully when leaving a normal state. This can save enormous costs because downtimes can be minimized or even avoided. Maintenance can be initiated as a precaution - a gain in efficiency and thus also cost-effective but also resource-saving.

Push-on communication module

Since our communication module can be plugged on, the same power supplies can be used for different fieldbus protocols. We have thus transferred our basic approach #openandeasy, which applies to our controls, to our power supplies.

The advantages that result from the ability to communicate are obvious. Our customers and we have a lot of ideas about what else can be achieved with such intelligent power supplies. A playground of possibilities, the challenge being to set the right priorities. I personally consider this a pleasant challenge.

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New power supply supports ASi-5 standard

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