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3D Contour Measurement Also For Polybags

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3D Contour Measurement Also For Polybags
3D Contour Measurement Also For Polybags

Video: 3D Contour Measurement Also For Polybags

Video: 3D Contour Measurement Also For Polybags
Video: How to Measure Plastic Bags 2023, June

With the CMS 700i, Leuze Electronic is launching a 3D contour measuring system that is based on the measuring light curtains CML 730i and can be customized. The complete system includes all components, the control cabinet, fastening elements and connection technology under one article number.

Measure the contour and position of any objects in one go

The CMS 700i continuously measures the contour and the position of any objects, regardless of their shape and surface quality. Even flat objects such as polybags should be precisely and economically detectable without complicated camera installation. The minimum dimensions for height, width and length are 5 x 50 x 50 mm.

The object information allows, for example, the loading of a pallet or the optimization of the incoming goods. At the same time, bulges or protrusions of the object should be reliably detected, which could lead to problems or automated system shutdowns.

Can also be used for existing intralogistics systems

The intuitive Web-Config enables simple commissioning and remote maintenance by the customer. In the event of an exchange, components can be replaced by plug & play and without specialist knowledge from supplier experts. That saves time and money. With the Ethernet TCP / IP or Profinet interface, rapid integration of the 3D contour measuring system is guaranteed. The system can collect peripheral data, for example from scales or barcode scanners, via an open Ethernet interface and loop through with time stamps. This means that the CMS 700i can be combined with additional functions as required and is equally suitable for new and existing systems in the area of intralogistics.

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