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Prepare Complex Calculations In A User-friendly Manner

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Prepare Complex Calculations In A User-friendly Manner
Prepare Complex Calculations In A User-friendly Manner

Video: Prepare Complex Calculations In A User-friendly Manner

Video: Prepare Complex Calculations In A User-friendly Manner
Video: Complex calculations 2023, May

When developing gearboxes, engineers are still faced with the problem that they have to prepare the calculation results that they generate with their mostly outdated simulation software in order to enable a clear representation of the complex facts for colleagues, customers or superiors. This elaborate preparation often takes up the capacities of the highly paid specialists to a large extent.

The arduous path to understandable results

  • In order to be able to interpret graphics, it is usually necessary to laboriously transfer result data to an additional spreadsheet program, to convert (image) data, to manipulate or otherwise prepare it.
  • In several time-consuming work steps, the graphics created must then be compiled with explanatory text, pictures and tables and brought into a form that can be presented as far as possible.

Steps that are inefficient and avoidable. Not to mention the effort that arises when presentation slides have to be adjusted manually when new knowledge is obtained. So it can happen that the time required for the preparation of results exceeds that of the actual product development many times over.

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Configurable result reports

With the reporting feature in the FVA Workbench, complex interrelationships are visualized in a simple, user-friendly and attractive manner and thus enable a quick evaluation of the results.

A single report consists of structured sections, each of which describes a machine element. All results of a transmission system calculated with the FVA Workbench can be clearly displayed and saved in the form of tables, interactive graphics and comments.

The user can granularly control which data he wants to present. It is possible with minimal effort to generate different results for different target groups. By using templates, the result documentation can be standardized, automated and organized reliably across departments.

Additional information on the subject of the FVA Workbench calculation software

The FVA Workbench is a manufacturer-neutral tool for the simulation and calculation of gear systems. With shorter product development cycles, it is particularly important to rely on high-performance modeling approaches and calculation algorithms. The software's predominantly analytical approaches provide fast and reliable solutions for all important drive technology issues. The intuitive modeling technology of the FVA Workbench ensures that the transmission is always complete, valid and producible.

The calculations are developed, discussed and validated in research projects of the Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik eV (FVA). Through membership fees and public funding, the FVA implements 17 million euros a year in research projects at leading German universities, chairs and research institutions.

Export of functional reports in HTML format

With the export function, these reports can be displayed worldwide, in any standard browser and while maintaining the functionalities. As a result, the reporting of the FVA Workbench is also cloud-compatible and thus supports global, interdisciplinary collaboration.

The standardized HTML format allows 3D graphics to be rotated or zoomed and pairs of values to be read out at the mouse position. The engineer thus has the same user experience as the customer or colleague and can already discuss in detail the effects of design modifications in the phase of virtual product development.

The FVA Workbench Reporting Feature is suitable for extensive, clear and descriptive documentation of all calculation results as well as short overviews for the exchange with colleagues or the professional presentation of results live on site at the customer. With the reporting of the FVA Workbench, digital product development has also arrived in transmission development in the age of Industry 4.0.

You can find a sample report here.

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