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The Seven Top Trends In Industrial Research And Development

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The Seven Top Trends In Industrial Research And Development
The Seven Top Trends In Industrial Research And Development

Video: The Seven Top Trends In Industrial Research And Development

Video: The Seven Top Trends In Industrial Research And Development
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The pace at which new technologies are emerging and the variety of possible applications that AI technologies alone offer companies presents particular challenges for companies' research and development (R&D). In order to keep up with the pace and not to miss any important developments, it is imperative to restructure or realign your own R&D accordingly.

The most important success factors for R&D

But how does this change succeed and what are the most important success factors and trends in R&D? The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO investigated this question in a study. The seven most common trends by frequency of mention are:

  • 1. Structured observation of new trends and technologies
  • 2. Cooperation with cooperation partners in R&D networks
  • 3. Involvement of customers in the development process
  • 4. Agile development processes
  • 5. Increase in R&D effectiveness
  • 6. Targeted competence development of the employees
  • 7. Digitization of R&D processes

The study is available for free download here.

It shows that, on the one hand, companies have to open up more in order to benefit from an R&D network and to be able to take their customers' needs and wishes into account at an early stage.

On the other hand, agile processes and the skills development of the workforce are important success factors. Digital tools and methods not only help to implement these points, they also help to digitally design your own processes.

Smart engineering day

The digitization of production requires a rethink in product development. The Smart Engineering Day offers decision support for the selection of the most suitable methods for the conception, design and development of smart products and machines.

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Innovation network for exchange and knowledge advantage

A large number of those questioned have expressed interest in a network project in order to practice precisely this important exchange and external orientation. For this reason, the Fraunhofer IAO initiates the industrial network project Future R&D - Trends, Strategies and R&D Ecosystems at the beginning of 2020 and invites interested R&D experts to join the network.

The aim is to start with a maximum of ten member companies in order to enable a trust-based exchange of experiences. Membership includes an exclusive R&D Ecosystems study, workshops on R&D trend interpretation, seminars on R&D strategy tools and support for company-specific implementation, which the Fraunhofer IAO adapts individually to the needs of the respective company.

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