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Cooling In Additive Manufacturing

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Cooling In Additive Manufacturing
Cooling In Additive Manufacturing

Video: Cooling In Additive Manufacturing

Video: Cooling In Additive Manufacturing
Video: Fado Group - 3D Printng in Tooling applications - Introduction to Conformal Cooling 2023, May

Technotrans has a number of cooling systems in its product portfolio for additive manufacturing: According to the manufacturer, the Mako cooler is reliable, robust and precise. It also operates with low noise and vibration and is economical in terms of investment and operating costs. The 19-inch slide-in cooler is also very quiet thanks to a novel horizontal, speed-controlled mini compressor. It should also be easy to integrate into the installation corner

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Cooling solution for hybrid production

Another cooling solution - Toolsmart - is suitable for hybrid production, according to Technotrans, in which both additive manufacturing and post-machining are carried out. Toolsmart supports the process in the additive part with laser cooling and in the machining area with cooling and filtration of the cooling lubricant. The system can be configured individually according to the requirements of the application.

“Nowadays, increasingly sophisticated systems are used in the field of additive manufacturing. These require a correspondingly powerful thermal management. Here we see an opportunity to support the industry with our coolers,”explains Ingo Gdanitz, Business Development Manager at Technotrans.

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Nine innovations from additive manufacturing

Event tip

The Cooling Days offer concentrated heat management know-how and introduce numerous new technologies and products. The focus this year is on basics on October 22, technology trends and best practice on October 23, and control cabinet cooling and power electronics on October 24.

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