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Successful Use In City Cleaning

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Successful Use In City Cleaning
Successful Use In City Cleaning

Video: Successful Use In City Cleaning

Video: Successful Use In City Cleaning
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"Expertise in all aspects of street cleaning" is the motto of the company founded in 1953. Fifteen years later, the family-run company started its own production. Since then, vehicles and machines have mainly been used for cleaning streets, rails and sewers.

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The portfolio includes street sweepers from one to twelve cubic meters in volume, street washers, special machines and a wide range of special accessories. The company has maintained longstanding contacts with the wheel and roller specialist from the Swabian town of Rosenfeld. The sweepers are equipped with Blickle products and reliably perform their duties. SPK 250K flanged wheels perform a special task. These are attached to a rail groove cleaning device that can be mounted on any towing vehicle with a hitch, hydraulic and water system. The device is designed for use on tram tracks and is already used in several major cities.

Safe and stable running

In use, the trailer is lowered pneumatically onto the rails. There are four ball-bearing flanged wheels from Blickle on the groove cleaner track carriage. These are intended to ensure safe and stable running on the rails. The cast iron wheels are wear-resistant and have low rolling resistance. The welded steel construction has reinforced legs for better absorption of axial forces. The flanged wheels withstand temperatures up to 120 ° C and absorb the high frictional heat generated when using rails.

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In addition, two pneumatically extendable and lowerable heavy duty wheels with pneumatic tires from the PS 430 / 30-90K series from Blickle are attached to the cleaning device. These have a diameter of 420 mm and are well suited for outdoor use. They are gentle on the floor, noise absorbing and resistant to many aggressive substances. The wheels with galvanized sheet steel rim have a load capacity of 500 kg at a speed of 25 km / h. Since the load capacity is not fully utilized in the application, the customer can use the wheels at a maximum speed of 40 km / h.

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