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Six Innovations For The CAD Workplace

Table of contents:

Six Innovations For The CAD Workplace
Six Innovations For The CAD Workplace

Video: Six Innovations For The CAD Workplace

Video: Six Innovations For The CAD Workplace
Video: Autodesk Offline Robot Programming Made Easy - DSI Webinar 2023, May

The height-adjustable standing / sitting desk "Honeycomb Dlite" from the Dutch manufacturer Bakker Elkhuizen can be used as an effective and flexible preventive measure when setting up the workplace in companies. The conference table can be used flexibly due to its low weight and hexagonal shape and is also suitable for team meetings, workshops or company events. The stand-up table can be moved up and down manually using a gas pedal within a very short time

In addition, the table top can easily be folded down for storage, so that the table feet can be pushed into one another. If necessary, the Honeycomb Dlite sit-stand table can be supplemented by monitor mounts, document holders, ergonomic mice and keyboards as well as suitable tablet holders. The optional software Work & Move serves as a personal coach and shows the change of position for the ergonomic solutions at defined intervals. The sit-stand table is available in the online shop monitorhalterung.de.

An overview of the new products:

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2. Sitzball ensures movement when working

The new Novus Pila seating ball from Novus is suitable for dynamic sitting and ensures constant movement compensation at the workplace. The shape and the high-quality material should ensure a good balance when sitting and adapt optimally to the body weight. An internal weight gain in the ball creates a center of gravity, so that the "spherical" seat swings out automatically and prevents "rolling away". The imitation leather cover is easy to separate and clean. The seating ball can be positioned and transported on the handy label. The scope of delivery includes a ball cover, a PVC inner ball, a manual air pump, two shut-off valves and a pump adapter for conventional air pumps. The Pila is available in two different sizes and can be purchased in the online shops novus-halterung.de and monitorhalterung.de.

Dossier and market overview ergonomics

Tips for more ergonomics in the workplace

3. Keyboard for power users

Cherry, the specialist for computer input devices, claims to present the new Stream Keyboard, the perfect workhorse for professional work environments. The keyboard should convince with extended functionality, a modern look and a quieter key stroke. The features at a glance:

  • During development, particular attention was paid to the volume when typing: the noise level could be reduced even further compared to the previous model.
  • In today's office environment in particular, input devices are exposed to continuous stress for hours and become an everyday companion when working on a PC. Therefore, mouse and keyboard functionality must be combined with design. Here, the Stream Keyboard is setting standards. Cherry also combines the conventional, simple look with elegance and purism. Together with the slim design, an appealing keyboard was created for the modern desktop.
  • The integrated metal plate guarantees high torsional rigidity, stability and a firm stand on the table. Eight rubber pads on the underside prevent slipping even when the feet are folded out.
  • The Stream Keyboard is also convincing in terms of ergonomics, because the flat design and the adjustable angle of attack enable fatigue-free and ergonomic work even for hours, they say.
  • The key lettering in the stylish and easy-to-read Cherry font also withstands intensive use.
  • In addition, the Stream Keyboard has ten practical additional keys. These make work in the office and the execution or control of multimedia applications equally easy. This also includes buttons for opening the browser, e-mail clients and calculator. The user can also lock the computer at the push of a button. This security aspect is particularly important in everyday office life, since it makes it much easier for the user to log out before leaving the workplace.

4. Ergonomic mouse indicates breaks

The Dutch manufacturer R-Go Tools has developed ergonomic mice and keyboards to prevent RSI complaints. The Break Mouse from R-Go Tools is equipped with special software that uses LED color signals in traffic light colors to indicate when a break should be taken. The ergonomic vertical mice with the "personal coach" are available for right-handers and left-handers, wired and wireless via Bluetooth as well as in different sizes and for different operating systems.

R-Go Tools also offers ergonomic keyboards. They are available in different versions, such as mini keyboards, adjustable or flat keyboards. They are equipped with a palm rest, which relieves the wrist and elbows. In addition, the keys are easy to hit and the keyboard layout is ergonomically divided. They are wired or wirelessly connected to the PC or notebook via Bluetooth.

Available in the online shop monitorhalterung.de

5. Right-handed mouse with for permanent use

With the MW 8 Ergo, Cherry presents a new wireless mouse that is considered to be particularly ergonomic.

  • The right-handed mouse should above all be characterized by a high level of comfort. For this, non-slip, rubberized side parts with a generously dimensioned contact surface were integrated, on which the thumb can take a pleasant and relaxing posture.
  • Large sliding surfaces allow the mouse to glide smoothly over the surface, which protects the wrist. There is a noticeable relief when it is used permanently and intensively in the office or home office.
  • Timeless, yet modern design: The metal surface made of brushed, anodized aluminum conveys the highest quality and feel. A special accent was also set with the lateral Voronoi cell structure.
  • The heart of the MW 8 Ergo is the high-precision "Track on Glass" sensor from Pix-Art with optical scanning. It works on almost all surfaces - including glass. This technical feature allows the mouse to be used flexibly and without an additional pad. The resolution of the sensor (600 / 1,000 / 1,600 / 3,200 dpi) can also be selected at the push of a button. Due to the high precision, the MW 8 Ergo is also suitable for comfortable use with 4K screens, without the hand having to travel unnecessarily long distances.
  • The mouse also offers other clever features. These include an extra-durable metal mouse wheel with optical scanning, a storage compartment with magnetic lock for the USB receiver and a velvety-soft transport bag. Thus, the new mouse is equally well suited for mobile and stationary use, but can also score with a high level of comfort and ergonomics.

6. Monitor with a narrow housing frame automatically adjusts the backlight

The 23.8 "screen with 16: 9 format Flex-Scan EV2460 from Eizo is ideal for use in the office and in all environments where a slim, compact design is important. Due to the barely visible frame, the monitor is also ideal for multi-screen installations. Thanks to Eizo Eco-View technology, the typical energy consumption of the EV2460 is only 10 watts. Auto-Eco-View continuously adjusts the brightness of the screen to the existing ambient light in order to reduce energy consumption and counteract glare from an image that is too bright. The Eco-View Optimizer recognizes image content and, depending on the content, automatically reduces the backlight without reducing the image quality. In this way, the device reduces electricity consumption and protects the environment. The typical brightness of the EV2460 is 250 cd / m2 and it achieves a contrast ratio of 1,000: 1. DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and DSub signal inputs as well as four USB downstream ports offer a wide range of connection options.

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