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Four Innovations In The Software Area

Table of contents:

Four Innovations In The Software Area
Four Innovations In The Software Area

Video: Four Innovations In The Software Area

Video: Four Innovations In The Software Area
Video: The 4Ps of innovation space 2023, June

Siemens introduces the Additive Manufacturing Path Optimizer, a beta technology that is integrated into the NX software. It is designed to help customers solve overheating problems and help reduce scrap and increase production output. The company developed this simulation technology to maximize the production yields and quality of components that are manufactured using the powder bed melting process. The AM Path Optimizer is designed to fix errors caused by suboptimal scanning strategies and process parameters. These can lead to systematic failures due to overheating.

An overview of all new products:

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2. Seamless interoperability of the engineering workflow

Ansys and Autodesk are taking the next step in their partnership and making seamless interoperability between their products possible. This should enable engineers to work in an even more agile and cooperative manner and to design developments and production more efficiently. The cooperation combines the integrated design and manufacturing software Autodesk-Fusion-360 with the simulation solution Ansys Mechanical to accelerate the market launch of products. The collaboration is said to break silos in the product development process by enabling a networked and interoperable workflow between developers and analysts. The results from Fusion 360 are then automatically available in Ansys Mechanical.

This open system workflow is intended to improve the efficiency in currently existing manual processes and can be combined to improve new automated processes, such as generative design as well as the time to market and the simple cooperation of several development teams. Through open and seamless workflow interoperability across engineering tools, companies improve efficiency and accelerate production.

3. Screw wheel with rack

In vehicles, the transmission from the steering wheel to the steering of the wheels is often carried out by a rack and pinion drive. Because of the installation conditions in the vehicle, the axle angle between the pinion and the rack usually has to be adjusted, which results in a pair of screw gears.

Since the Kisssoft release 2019 (module ZE7), it has been possible to calculate the pairing of the helical gear with the rack. The strength, service life, sliding speeds and efficiency of such a drive can be determined. The pairing can be rolled and the contact pattern checked in a 3D representation with a thin-wall model.

4. New functions for injection molding

Simpatec has further developed the simulation options for injection molding in Moldex-3D R17. The innovations include even more comprehensive and realistic simulations and new functions, including:

  • Fluid-assisted injection molding now with push-back simulation
  • Assistant for temperature control units
  • Consideration of the expansion ratio in the chemical PU foam analysis

According to the manufacturer, the current version of Moldex-3D R17 should speed up the decision-making process and also deliver reliable, precise results. This would enable designers and tool manufacturers to do their daily work more efficiently.


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