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3D Printing Makes Rim Locks Individual

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3D Printing Makes Rim Locks Individual
3D Printing Makes Rim Locks Individual

Video: 3D Printing Makes Rim Locks Individual

Video: 3D Printing Makes Rim Locks Individual
Video: Try to open these locks | From 1 to 10 level 3d printed puzzles 2023, June

Ford changed the automotive industry more than 100 years ago with the introduction of efficient series production processes. Today the company uses EOS 3D printing to combine the need for security with the desire for individualization. "We believe that the number of 3D printed parts in the future vehicle will increase significantly, " says Raphael Koch, Ford Werke GmbH, Advanced & Additive Manufacturing

The example of 3D-printed rim locks shows what design freedom 3D printing offers to enable individualized, customer-specific production. The special thing about rim locks is their special shaft geometry, which is intended to prevent unauthorized persons from removing the tires and / or rims.

With the help of a web-based configurator of the Fima Trinckle 3D and 3D printing as production technology, these rim locks can now be designed individually and thus protect the wheels of a car from theft. “It's about designing these rim locks 100% individually. We record the car owner's voice and translate the sound curve of his voice into a geometry,”explains Dr. Ole Bröker, Trinckle 3D GmbH, Head of Business Development. The sound curve of the voice transferred into the geometry is then manufactured as part of the rim locks using 3D printing. "So there is only one rim lock and the right key and there is only one pair," says Bröker.

For Raphael Koch, 3D printing is a win for automotive production. “Not only do you have to replace components, you can also create new components that could not be produced in a conventional manner. They free themselves from frozen and hard-coded design rules, from conventional, classic CNC machining and milling,”adds Michael Jan Galba, EOS GmbH, Head of Global Consulting & Manufacturing Engineering, the advantages of 3D printing.

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The 3D printing seminar in direct digital production conveys the technology, suitability and requirements of 3D printing and gives the participants an overview of the developments, possibilities and limits.

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