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Six Innovations For Working With CAD Data

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Six Innovations For Working With CAD Data
Six Innovations For Working With CAD Data

Video: Six Innovations For Working With CAD Data

Video: Six Innovations For Working With CAD Data
Video: SolidWorks Composer - Leverage existing 3D CAD data to improve documentation quality and efficiency 2023, June

Core Technologie has expanded its 3D Evolution Simplifier software: The latest version now enables the fully automatic calculation of the diameter of the smallest sphere that surrounds a component or assembly. With the new function, the Simplifier for the automatic generation of light envelope geometry models enables time-saving, automated calculation of the optimal packaging. In addition to the diameter calculation according to DIN EN ISO 8062-1, minimal packaging dimensions can be calculated in the form of a box and output as a CAD model. This allows z. B. Optimized logistics costs and minimized material costs.

An overview of six innovations for working with CAD data:

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2. Less programming effort

Mecsoft Europe presents the new versions of Bob-CAD-CAM. The reduction in file sizes, new and optimized machining strategies, redesigned tool libraries and other improvements are intended to reduce programming effort. With Free-CAD, Bob-CAD-CAM offers a free solution for the 2D and 3D design of components. The modular structure enables easy expansion to a full CAD / CAM system. The integrated machining simulation detects collisions between workpieces, tools, clamping devices and machine components and is intended to prevent rejects and increased tool wear.

3. Quickly and easily combine different CAD formats in one file

Lattice Technology provides XVL-based software solutions that enable manufacturing companies to easily use 3D CAD data in departments that are subordinate to product development.

Technology explained briefly

The development of the 3D mouse

The solution can convert multiple CAD files to a single XVL file, even those from different CAD manufacturers. Due to the small size of XVL files, according to the company, all parts and assemblies from almost any 3D CAD provider can be combined in a single file to allow full product access.

The XVL Content Manager offers complete management for XVL files. This includes:

  • the versioning
  • Check in / check out
  • Storage of related files such as 2D drawings and work instructions in formats such as PDF and Microsoft Excel
  • Integrations with internal systems
  • seamless integration with XVL Studio (authoring tool) for updates
  • Controlled forwarding to everyone involved using a modern web browser without add-ons

In addition, the Content Manager offers the possibility of integration into other company systems such as ERP / MES / PDM / PLM. It extends the utility of these systems by simplifying the distribution and access to 3D model data. For the sharing of 3D data, the Content Manager is used to control user authentication and access rights at the sub-level. It can also integrate the XVL-Web-3D-Manager to stream 3D data to data consumers using any modern web browser that supports HMTL 5.

An overview of six innovations for working with CAD data:

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Picture gallery with 5 pictures

4. 3D and 2.5 D milling update

Schott Systeme is presenting its latest update of the CAD / CAM software Pictures-by-PC at this year's Metav. It is an addition to version 3.8 and includes innovations for 3D and 2.5-D milling.

The previous HPC (high-performance cutting) high-performance milling was supplemented with advanced milling path algorithms in order to be able to machine even more complex 3D geometries more flexibly. The improvements in prismatic 2.5-D machining include spiral contour machining and 2D contour machining with multiple side steps.

Schott Systeme at Metav 2020: Hall 1, Stand D86

5. Load 3D files quickly

Data-CAD offers a new version of the 3D CAD viewer Glovius. The visual 3D analysis tool is suitable for sales, work preparation, manufacturing and technical documentation. That is new:

  • Open files faster
  • Improved language support for French, Korean, Portuguese, German and Chinese
  • Assign materials to components with live preview support
  • Optimization of the measurement functions in scaled 2D views

3D data loaded into Glovius can be saved directly as a 3D PDF or 3D HTML file.

CAD work station

Get faster and gentler with 3D mice

6. Design products faster

The new 2020 version of the 3D CAD software Iron-CAD is now available for download in an unlimited version. The improvements focus on performance improvements in all areas, customer-inspired usability elements and continuous optimization of the most important functions that distinguish Iron-CAD in the design process, according to the manufacturer. With the support of several processor cores via an expanded functional area, the software has now picked up speed again. As a modular system with a uniform user interface, the Design Collaboration Suite offers universal tools for almost all industries.

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