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Consistently Modular And Maintenance-friendly Design

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Consistently Modular And Maintenance-friendly Design
Consistently Modular And Maintenance-friendly Design

Video: Consistently Modular And Maintenance-friendly Design

Video: Consistently Modular And Maintenance-friendly Design
Video: Deconstruction - Stage 8 | ACAN | Open Meeting 2023, May

Fleet runabouts: Driverless transport systems (AGVs) make a decisive contribution to optimizing processes in intralogistics, because they ensure that the right part is always in the right place at the right time.

The specialist for transport robotics EK Automation, headquartered in Rosengarten, has developed the Vario Move, an automated guided vehicle (AGV) with which the company wants to redefine the class of automated standard vehicles. The use of particularly high-quality machine components and the clever design should ensure that the lifecycle can double compared to conventional automated production trucks. In addition, the delivery time and costs for the total investment should be reduced by up to ten percent.

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Modular construction doubles the lifespan

Driverless transport systems are very robust and designed for a very long service life; the life cycle of these vehicles is usually around a decade. Once the wear limit has been reached, the vehicles must be replaced or refitted. EK Automation saw clear optimization potential here: thanks to its modular construction, particularly high-quality components and a maintenance-friendly design, the Vario Move promises a service life that is twice as long.

The new vehicle consists of a drive unit and various attachments. Regardless of whether the user desires a lifting or transport vehicle: The same drive unit is always used, which is equipped with different load suspension devices for the respective transport tasks. The stem is designed so that various load handling attachments can be easily attached to a standard interface. EK Automation has standardized modules ready for this, which can be quickly and easily integrated or separated.

Radio technology

Radio technology brings quiet AGVs to life

All components quickly accessible

The vehicles in the Vario-Move product range are equipped with modern safety technology to increase the safety of users in the factories. All essential navigation technologies available on the market can be used for automated transport vehicles.

In the area of maintenance, the designers at EK Automation saw clear room for improvement. When designing the Vario Move, they therefore paid attention to the uncomplicated accessibility of all components. A gas spring-supported cover on the vehicle enables easy and ergonomic access to the vehicle controls. In addition, the entire front cover can be removed like a bonnet in a few simple steps. Then all components are immediately accessible. The lower area of the vehicle front, which contains the necessary safety technology, is also integrated independently. This means that this particularly solid “bumper area” can be replaced quickly, easily and separately in the event of possible damage.

Significantly reduced delivery time

EK Automation promises a delivery time reduction of up to 50 percent for the Vario Move, since both the drive unit and the load suspension device will be standardized for the Vario Move and will be in stock at EK Automation.

With the Vario Move, EK Automation has developed a driverless transport vehicle that impresses with its cost-benefit ratio. With appropriate maintenance and care, according to the manufacturer, the Vario Move should be able to operate for a good 20 years. The system should be available from around the end of 2020. (jv)

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