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This Saves You Time And Money In Construction

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This Saves You Time And Money In Construction
This Saves You Time And Money In Construction

Video: This Saves You Time And Money In Construction

Video: This Saves You Time And Money In Construction
Video: DiviD - The construction app that saves you time and money 2023, May

The demand for flexible and smart production systems also requires a rethink in product development. In order to remain competitive in the future and to withstand the cost pressure, processes must also be digitized and automated in the important phase of product creation.

This can also be seen in the current further development of known construction methods:

  • The standard work for designers and product developers, the VDI 2221 guideline, was released last November in a completely revised and now two-part version.
  • Classic design rules and catalogs are developing into intelligent assistance systems.
  • New methods such as the non-linear performance pricing (NLPP) method help to not only act in a cost and specification-driven manner in the design, but also focus primarily on customer benefit.

The Smart Engineering Day on May 7, 2020 in Würzburg addresses these issues: Prof. Dr. Frank Mantwill from Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Dr. Benjamin Schleich from the Chair of Construction Technology at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg and Robert M. Münch from Saphirion AG are just a few of the speakers who deal intensively with new approaches in design and development.

Tools promote creativity

Further lectures will also introduce new tools and methods for the idea generation phase: These include, for example, Lego Serious Play, agile methods that come from software development and have been adapted for hardware development, or the Triz method, which supports cost-optimized design.

Simulation also has great potential, provided that it is not restricted to a manageable group of experts. Extending the simulation to a larger group of users increases the efficiency of the modeling and shortens the time to market for products:

  • Simulation can be the platform to develop simple and focused simulation applications for products or processes with which engineers can work: Because the simulation expert knows the physics, but the designer has knowledge of the component.
  • Conventional structural analyzes - previously time-consuming, demanding and prone to errors - can now be carried out on fully equipped CAD assemblies within a few minutes.
  • The digital twin has also developed rapidly. However, there is a lack of both a consistent definition and an approach that fully supports the introduction of digital twins.

The key data

Smart engineering day

Date: May 7, 2020

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Early bird discount: Until March 31, 2020

Location: Vogel Convention Center, Würzburg

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Smart engineering only works if digital tools are used optimally:

  • With the help of smart engineering tools, products can be automatically optimized in development projects.
  • Automation solutions help with simple, clear rules and decision logic to capture and reuse the entire knowledge of a company's design, manufacture and cost calculation. In this way, new variations of the constructions can always be generated with offer documents.
  • There are also new approaches for the optimization of lightweight structures: Based on a freehand sketch, an artificial intelligence optimizes components with regard to their topology. For this purpose, the designer photographs his two-dimensional freehand sketch and receives an optimization proposal in real time.

In addition to the lectures, the event offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience. An exhibition accompanies the congress.

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