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The Five Levels Of Delegation

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The Five Levels Of Delegation
The Five Levels Of Delegation

Video: The Five Levels Of Delegation

Video: The Five Levels Of Delegation
Video: The 5 Levels of Delegation 2023, June

Before you explain a task to an employee, you'd better do it yourself quickly. Ultimately, you can do it best. In the end, it could still happen that the employee approaches the task completely differently than you do. This way of thinking is still common among many managers and specialists.

And indeed: delegating means investing. First of all, you have to devote time and an increased fault tolerance. But this investment pays off in the long term. Because those who cannot delegate have more stress, waste time in micromanagement and frustrate their employees because they feel they are not trusted. If you find it difficult to delegate, try to step through the following five steps:

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By the way: For almost every second employee (47%), the opportunity to contribute their own ideas is very important. The same number of employees (47%) find it at least important to be able to contribute their own ideas. Only 6% place less emphasis on this. (Source: Porsche Consulting)

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