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German Reprap Is Now Part Of Arburg

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German Reprap Is Now Part Of Arburg
German Reprap Is Now Part Of Arburg

Video: German Reprap Is Now Part Of Arburg

Video: German Reprap Is Now Part Of Arburg
Video: Robot Arburg 2023, June

Arburg, manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, has had systems for additive manufacturing in its portfolio since 2013 when the Arburg Freeformer entered the market. The shareholders and owners of Arburg, Hehl and Keinath have now expanded their range of additive manufacturing with the takeover of German Reprap GmbH

The technological starting points are obvious: The Freefromer from Arburg works with droplet discharge and standard granulate for individual applications, the German Reprap X500pro with strand discharge from filament for standard industrial applications. Further developments will be the processing of liquid plastics (e.g. LSR).

German Reprap - a start-up with experience

The start-up German Reprap was founded in Feldkirchen in 2010. It develops and manufactures 3D systems based on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology. In addition, since 2016 there has been the newly developed Liquid Additive Manufacturing Technology (LAM), with which materials such as Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) can be processed. The range also includes the X500pro, which processes engineering plastics - such as polycarbonate.

German Reprap remains independent

According to the wishes of the new shareholders, German Reprap will continue to operate as an independent start-up in Feldkirchen. There are no operational changes for the 23 employees of German Reprap from the change of ownership. Founder and managing director Florian Bautz will continue to run the business in the usual way. German Reprap independently continues the tasks of sales, application technology, production and administration. Arburg will continue to support German Reprap with its wide range of resources on request and in close contact.

Seminar tip

The 3D printing seminar in direct digital production conveys the technology, suitability and requirements of 3D printing and gives the participants an overview of the developments, possibilities and limits.

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