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New Profile Sensors For Measuring And Testing Tasks

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New Profile Sensors For Measuring And Testing Tasks
New Profile Sensors For Measuring And Testing Tasks

Video: New Profile Sensors For Measuring And Testing Tasks

Video: New Profile Sensors For Measuring And Testing Tasks
Video: OXM200 smart profile sensors 2023, June

According to the manufacturer, the Gocator 2530 3D smart sensor with blue laser achieves inspection speeds of up to 10 kHz, with a high lateral resolution with a field of view of up to 100 mm. The 2530 generates 3D data with repeatable results on both glossy and low-contrast surfaces such as those found in battery, rubber and tire inspection and industrial automation applications. With the Gocator 2530, LMI is expanding its 2500 series.

The large measuring range of the 2530 enables complete detection with a single sensor, e.g. from a cell phone housing frame, the manufacturer emphasizes. Thanks to the large measuring range and measuring width, the sensor can detect a larger number of measuring objects.

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For logistics and packaging

The Gocator 2490 3D Smart Sensor offers a 2 m field of view as well as a large measuring area and scanning area of 1 mx 1 m for the measurement and inspection of large objects in the areas of packaging and logistics as well as other applications that require a wide measuring range.

In packaging and logistics applications, the Gocator 2490 can test packages measuring 1 x 1 m with a measuring speed of 800 Hz and a resolution of 2.5 mm in all three dimensions up to speeds of 2 m / s. The sensor is also used for robust surface inspection and for checking defects such as dents, cracks and folds.

LMI recommends the smart sensor for the volume measurement of packages in warehouse automation, the inspection of body frames, the monitoring of weight loads on conveyor belts, the optimization of wood and the inspection of food.


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