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Siemens Shows Innovations For The Digital Value Chain

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Siemens Shows Innovations For The Digital Value Chain
Siemens Shows Innovations For The Digital Value Chain

Video: Siemens Shows Innovations For The Digital Value Chain

Video: Siemens Shows Innovations For The Digital Value Chain
Video: Digitalization of food value chains 2023, June

With an expanded digital enterprise portfolio, Siemens wants to take the next step in digital transformation towards flexible and intelligent production. To this end, the company has invested over 10 billion euros in acquisitions by software companies such as Dr. Jan Mrosik, COO Digital Industries at Siemens, reports. Most recently by Pixeom (setup for an open industrial edge platform) and PSE (simulation model for the entire life cycle).

Continuously optimize production with closed loop digital twin

With its Digital Enterprise Strategy, Siemens focuses on horizontal networking for the continuous optimization of production. The key is a continuous digital twin - consisting of: digital twin of a product, digital twin of production and a digital twin of performance (real production).

Jan Mrosik, COO Digital Industries at Siemens

"In this way, the virtual and real world can complement each other in a cycle," explains Mrosik. The group describes this cycle as a “closed loop digital twin”. This enables data to be exchanged in both directions between Teamcenter, Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, Amesim and Mindsphere in order to continuously improve the quality of physical models and simulations.

What innovations Siemens shows

This year's innovations at the Hanover Fair 2020 include the Sitrans MS Multisensor, which is mainly used in the condition monitoring of mechanical system components such as pumps, compressors, gearboxes and valves. AI-based analysis of sensor data such as vibrations and temperatures generates important information for predictive maintenance. The user can access machine KPIs and status notifications via mobile devices or cloud applications.

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Siemens is also showing four applications for the Closed Loop Digital Twin. Another innovation is an IoT gateway between the cloud, company IT and production: Simatic IOT2050 will have edge functionality in the future and can therefore be easily integrated into Siemens Industrial Edge solutions.

Connect the Edge device to the frequency converter

In the area of drive technology, it is shown that high-frequency data can also be processed close to the machine. The connection of Sinamics frequency inverters to an edge device enables users of machines and applications to carry out complex analyzes of the data collected in the drive.

Machine learning algorithms identify patterns and identify anomalies and their causes and provide timely information about any upcoming maintenance, which minimizes downtimes. In the area of AI-based services, Siemens is also presenting “Predictive Services for Foundry”, with which users can increase the overall system effectiveness in the automotive industry.

Supplementary information on corona virus security measures: Virtual press conference

Less than an hour after the Siemens press conference on the occasion of the 2020 Hanover Fair, the organizer announced that the fair would be postponed to July 13-17. The press conference also had to be modified at short notice due to the current corona virus situation: Instead of an event directly on site in Herzogenaurach, the group held a virtual conference to present its new products at the Hannover Messe.

When intelligent power grids interact

In order to increase the efficiency in industrial energy supply and use, a networked ecosystem of electricity networks, buildings and industry is necessary. Siemens is therefore presenting solutions for the interaction between intelligent power grids and consumers as well as IoT-based systems and services for the energy and building infrastructure in the digital factory at the Hanover Fair.

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