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Simulation Tool Simplifies Hexapod Selection

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Simulation Tool Simplifies Hexapod Selection
Simulation Tool Simplifies Hexapod Selection

Video: Simulation Tool Simplifies Hexapod Selection

Video: Simulation Tool Simplifies Hexapod Selection
Video: SYMETRIE - HexaSym hexapod simulation software 2023, May

For multi-axis positioning applications, the parallel kinematic hexapods are often used instead of stacked single axes. They are more compact, achieve high dynamics in all axes and are available in many versions for different loads and travel ranges. But which Hexapod is suitable for an application and how do external factors influence the limits of the work area and the load?

Help me make a decision before buying

To answer this question, data sheet information only helps to a limited extent - even with detailed information. Here, the Hexapod simulation tool from Physik Instrumente (PI) can provide decisive help: It can be used to check whether a Hexapod is suitable for the respective positioning task and, if so, in which version.

The user can, for example:

  • Working space,
  • mechanical loads from masses or external forces,
  • Reference coordinate systems or pivot point

Simulate comfortably and without in-depth special knowledge. Mechanical problems that could occur in the application can be localized and solved without a hexapod or controller.


Flat hexapod for industrial automation

The same applies to the load limit of the Hexapod, which also varies depending on various factors. This includes the installation position of the Hexapod, the planned load and above all the position of the center of gravity, the respective position of the movement platform (translation and rotation coordinates) and the forces and moments that act on the movement platform of the Hexapod and on the individual legs. These influencing factors can also be simulated with graphical support, e.g. using a slider, to create clarity as to which hexapod design could be suitable. This significantly simplifies the entry into parallel kinematic positioning solutions. (jv)

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