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Pitstop Software Is Reminiscent Of Regular Breaks From Screen Work

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Pitstop Software Is Reminiscent Of Regular Breaks From Screen Work
Pitstop Software Is Reminiscent Of Regular Breaks From Screen Work

Video: Pitstop Software Is Reminiscent Of Regular Breaks From Screen Work

Video: Pitstop Software Is Reminiscent Of Regular Breaks From Screen Work
Video: PitStop Pro: the basics 2023, June

The classic office world is changing: new spatial and organizational concepts, which are associated with the catchphrase New Work, particularly support mobile working, strengthen the flexibility and self-determination of the individual. Ergonomic hardware such as appropriate seating, input devices and sit-stand tables ensure more well-being in the workplace. These are currently very popular in offices. They ensure that employees change their attitudes more frequently and sit still for fewer hours. The sit-stand tables are primarily used to encourage employees to sit less and thus improve their health in the long term and sustainably.

Ergonomics at the workplace

Work ergonomically with sit-stand tables

Scientific research shows that after 40 to 50 minutes of continuous work, our brain gets tired, so our speed of action slows down and we make more mistakes. Our brain then needs at least 3 minutes to mentally get rid of the work. Regular breaks can reduce the risk of fatigue, back pain etc. and help to reduce stress factors in the long term.

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Use sit-stand tables in a targeted manner thanks to software

Through mental movement, the brain recharges and the concentration increases. The use of sit-stand tables is still a challenge. The question of whether a software can help was a study carried out by Texas A&M University. The study was conducted in two geographic locations in the United States with a control group of 71 workers and an experimental group of 97 participants. The experimental group, which received motion information from software, switched between standing and sitting more often than the control group, which received no impulses. On average, the experimental group changed attitudes 229 times more often than those who received no software instructions.

CAD work station

This is what the ergonomic CAD workstation looks like

Take regular breaks at the CAD work station

The software Work & Move by the ergonomics specialist Bakkerelkhuizen was used. At self-defined intervals, the solution prompts for movement and short breaks in everyday work on the screen. Work & Move is, so to speak, a personal coach who is supposed to provide enough variety between concentrated computer work and mental and physical exercise.


Bakkerelkhuizen offers a free demo version of Work & Move for download. Interested parties can test the pitstop software for the ergonomic use of sit-stand tables for four weeks. Download at:


The functions of the software at a glance:

  • Based on personal needs, the software recommends an optimal working rhythm and supports you in learning it.
  • It gives the user feedback on the behavior on the computer, for example regarding the typing speed and the shortcut keys. He gains insight into progress in health, skills, exercise and concentrated work.
  • During the mental recovery and movement times, Work & Move gives various pictorial advice that should clear your head again.
  • In addition, the user can store rituals such as lunch walks, climbing stairs, drinking water, eating fruit and gymnastics exercises in the software and link them to specific days or times of the day.
  • Work & Move rewards healthy behavior and distributes trophies, trophies and compliments for healthy behavior.
  • The user determines to what extent the software should support. For this purpose, the support measure is set in the profile settings.
  • The personal job settings are saved in a job ID.

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