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How To Position Hexapods In The Nano Range

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How To Position Hexapods In The Nano Range
How To Position Hexapods In The Nano Range

Video: How To Position Hexapods In The Nano Range

Video: How To Position Hexapods In The Nano Range
Video: Precision Motion For Micro- and Nano-positioning 2023, June

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What you need hexapods for

Imagine stacking a toy block exactly on another by a hair's breadth - sounds impossible? More and more positioning and motion tasks in industrial automation place precisely this requirement on multi-axis positioning systems, at least in terms of precision. Some want it even more precisely, namely in the nanometer range (nm). For comparison: The structure size on a modern microchip is 7 nm.

But precision is not everything. The requirements of the automation applications on these systems range from exact reproducibility of the positions, to accuracies down to the micro or even nanometer range up to high dynamics. At the same time, these systems should be as compact and robust as possible, work reliably and ultimately also be networkable.

So-called hexapod robots, or hexapods for short, can meet these requirements

It is a system for moving and positioning, adjusting and moving loads in six axes in space, three linear and three rotary. The devices have a parallel kinematic structure, and the six drives work together on a single platform that they move.

The Karlsruhe company Physik Instrumente (PI) is a specialist in nanopositioning technology and has a wide range of hexpodes in its portfolio. In the construction practice podcast, Markus Spanner describes the advantages and special features of the six-legged person. He has headed the Physik Instrumente (PI) business since the beginning of 2020.

Enabler of construction

These technologies have game-changing potential


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