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These Tools Simplify The Design Of Drive Systems

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These Tools Simplify The Design Of Drive Systems
These Tools Simplify The Design Of Drive Systems

Video: These Tools Simplify The Design Of Drive Systems

Video: These Tools Simplify The Design Of Drive Systems
Video: TechTalk #9: Tactile Design and Production Methods 2023, June

Neugart has revised its free configuration tool Neugart Calculation Program (NCP) for the configuration of gear-motor combinations and introduced version 4.2. In the NCP, designers can calculate complex load profiles in the drive train and use this as a basis to determine the optimal application-specific motor-gearbox combination. With the update, this is now also possible for traction drives in driverless transport vehicles (AGVs / AGVs) and the new NGV gearbox series tailored to them. In addition, existing projects from current or older NCP versions can now be added to newly designed control systems and compared with them

In addition to these functions, Neugart version 4.2 further simplified the use of the tool:

For example, no more conversions are required when importing read-out motor data. Users of common CAD programs can now - in addition to the comma - also use the familiar period as a separator. In addition, calculations can be carried out in the input fields. Last but not least, the NCP 4.2 offers an example for each application, which makes it easy to learn how to use the tool

Click here for the configuration tool.

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New design tool for PU belts in the Mdesign Dubbel edition

The free Mdesign-Dubbel-Edition has expanded its field of application with a new manufacturer calculation in the area of PU belts: Thanks to the cooperation with Lenze Connection Technology GmbH, users now have access to an online tool for checking and designing PU belts.

The Mdesign Dubbel Edition - the accompanying online formula collection for the well-known reference book Dubbel - paperback for mechanical engineering, 25th edition - offers users from all technical departments, students and trainees free access to numerous, interactively usable formulas from seven different technical areas such as Mechanics, machine elements, hydraulics, pneumatics, cutting technology, manufacturing processes and thermodynamics. In addition, the Mdesign Dubbel Edition offers material characteristics of the most common materials.

Lenze Selection is the first online calculation and design for PU belts in the Mdesign Dubbel Edition. This provides the user with an additional link calculation tool in the “Machine Elements” area, which can either be used to check existing belt drives in machines or to re-design suitable belts for individual applications.

Click here for the calculation tool for PU belts.

Faulhaber Drive Selection Tool: Calculate drive systems online

With the Faulhaber Drive Selection Tool, suitable Faulhaber drive systems can be determined online and specifically requested. Only a few details such as speed and torque are sufficient to quickly find suitable solutions. The selection shows a list with the most important parameters. This can then be further reduced using intelligent filters until the most suitable drive solutions have been found. There is a comparison function for up to three variants.

If a specific engine series or special series of a motor-gearbox combination is already relevant, this can be selected in advance and the solution can be calculated accordingly in connection with the desired performance requirements. With the thermal ("warm") calculation, the tool also takes into account the changes in the electrical properties caused by the heating of the motor.

Click here for the Drive Selection tool.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

The focus of the user meeting mechatronic drive technology is on the mechanical components of gears, clutches and brakes as well as their design, dimensioning and interaction in the overall mechatronic system.

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Configure SNR axis systems quickly and easily

The European group NTN-SNR Roulements has simplified the configuration of its axis systems: The interactive product configurator is based on the E-Catalog Solutions technology for electronic product catalogs from Cadenas and enables the modular axis system AX to be read quickly and easily despite its complexity compile your own needs and requirements.

An infinite number of configuration options are possible. Incorrect combinations are avoided in advance by means of regulations. The appropriate 3D CAD geometries of the assembly can also be generated automatically and then the existing construction inserted. The models are available free of charge in numerous common native CAD formats.

Click here for the configuration tool.

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