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New Solutions For The Development And Simulation Of Gears

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New Solutions For The Development And Simulation Of Gears
New Solutions For The Development And Simulation Of Gears

Video: New Solutions For The Development And Simulation Of Gears

Video: New Solutions For The Development And Simulation Of Gears
Video: Gear analysis in Ansys workbench| Ansys tutorials| static structural spur gear analysis 2023, December

Function-Bay, expert in dynamic multi-body simulation, and the calculation specialist Kisssoft have been working together for several years to combine their strengths and create synergies: Now the two companies are presenting the Recur-Dyn toolkits Gear KS and Bearing KS.

These products allow engineers to improve the accuracy of transmission and bearing models when simulating the dynamic behavior of transmissions. This optimization is necessary to meet today's requirements for reducing noise and vibrations in gearboxes and drive trains.

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  • Gear KS offers seamless access to Kisssoft contact analysis for straight and helical gears. During the dynamic calculation in Recur-Dyn, Gear KS determines the forces, moments and stiffnesses relevant for the modeling of gear pairs in each iteration step, based on the proven Weber / Banaschek model. The detailed definition of the gear set can be entered either by reading a Kisssoft file or using the Kisssoft user interface.
  • With Bearing KS, Recur-Dyn uses Kisssoft's bearing calculation, which is based on the ISO 16281 approach and determines the contact situation of all rolling elements in each iteration step. In addition, the bearing database from Kisssoft with the data from tens of thousands of bearings is supplied with Bearing KS.

Both toolkits are supplied with the software that is required for execution in the Recur-Dyn environment, so that no external Kisssoft installation is necessary.


These tools simplify the design of drive systems

System manager from GWJ now supports background graphics

GWJ Technology GmbH presents a new and expanded version of its system calculation for complete gear transmissions. The new version of the System Manager - as an extension of the standard solutions E-Assistant and TBK - now also enables the creation of shaft geometries with the support of background graphics.

  • A background graphic from the clipboard can be inserted, for example from a PDF document or as an image (png, jpg, tif, bmp).
  • You can then trace the wave geometry as a polygon. Scaling the background graphics is also possible.
  • Alternatively, the shaft geometry can be built up from several shaft segments.
  • Then you can drag the lengths and diameters of the shaft segments with the mouse (left mouse button + Shift) to the desired size.
  • Furthermore, the CAD import can now be rotated as a DXF or step in the event that the shaft axis does not correspond to the X axis.
  • The width factor KHß can now also be automatically coupled with the load capacity calculation of spur gears. This means that the effects of flank modifications on foot and flank safety can be seen directly at the system level. This is also possible when calculating with load spectra. Here, the line load curves of all load cases can also be shown in a diagram.

News for working with 3D elastic components

For 3D-elastic components with elastic bearing rings, it is now possible to take contact between the bearing ring and the component into account. The fit is then taken into account in the contact model instead of in the operating game calculation. Furthermore, the expansion of the centrifugal force of 3Delastic components can also be considered. Additional new options for 3D elastic components are additional options when importing meshes and exporting meshes. Areas for connection with boundary conditions can also be added directly in the software.


Analytics and FEM grow together


Calculate 3D elastic components with elastic bearing rings

On virtual paths against the corona crisis

In view of the latest developments relating to the corona virus, events are being canceled or postponed in a row. The future can belong to digital platforms that can compensate for this development. With the "Industrial Generation Network", the Vogel Communications Group presents a solution for professionals in the industry. As a digital supplement, the platform enables extensive networking: the focus is on digital encounters and establishing contacts, as well as product presentation and thematic exchange. Tools such as making appointments and video conferences enable professionals to network, make appointments and do research close to the respective branch. The platform thus replaces the currently severely restricted face-to-face communication, especially at trade fairs.

How can the platform help me?