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Role-based And Function-oriented To The Right CAD Software

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Role-based And Function-oriented To The Right CAD Software
Role-based And Function-oriented To The Right CAD Software

Video: Role-based And Function-oriented To The Right CAD Software

Video: Role-based And Function-oriented To The Right CAD Software
Video: Role Based Access Control 2023, June

Around 6,000 engineers, designers, manufacturing specialists and students came to the new Dassault Systèmes conference in Nashville / Tennessee. "3D Experience World" is the name of the follow-up event to the former "Solidworks World". The new name stands for a new era of the former CAD software and the close integration of the products in the Dassault portfolio

Impressions from the 3D Experience World 2020:

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CAD software on the way to the future

Many PLM software providers are now changing their business model: Siemens, for example, is now developing its CAD software “without a version”, which means that there are no longer any fixed version cycles. Dassault Systèmes is making more consistent progress in this regard. It is probably only a matter of time here how long you can stick to versions like "Solidworks 2020". It is conceivable that soon there will only be "platform versions", as has been the case with Catia, Enovia etc. with V4, V5, V6 for a long time. Accordingly, the usual “outlook” for the next version 2021 was missing at this year's conference.

A new age

The type of product development and the possibilities have changed significantly in recent years. For example, simulations used to be very dependent on the technical and financial possibilities of companies. Not everyone could afford fast computers and professional software. Today, even small companies have computing power available on their own hardware that previously could only be dreamed of. If this is still not enough, computing capacities can be purchased from IT service providers. No huge hardware investments need to be made for individual projects or tasks.

Dossier simulation

How simulation improves product development

With such a toolbox, small and medium-sized companies are now able to develop products whose scope or complexity was previously not possible. At Solidworks conferences, for example, projects from small businesses that have developed aircraft or cars have already been presented. That was unthinkable a few years ago.

Simulation in the middle class

Getting started with simulation: hurdles and how to overcome them

Smart engineering day

The digitization of production requires a rethink in product development. The Smart Engineering Day offers decision support for the selection of the most suitable methods for the conception, design and development of smart products and machines.

More info

Reorganized portfolio around Solidworks

Dassault Systèmes takes this development into account with its products and has reorganized its portfolio: The Solidworks products have been classified in “3D Experience Works”. This is a portfolio of industry-related applications on the 3D experience platform. Solidworks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi emphasized in his conference speech that it was tailored to the needs of Solidworks customers and small and medium-sized companies.

The new portfolio combines cross-team collaboration (PDM / PLM) with ERP functions for design, simulation and production in a common digital environment. This should enable growth-oriented companies to act in a more innovative, efficient and responsive manner.

CAD software

Solidworks 2020: the five best features for the designer

Via app to the individual functional portfolio

According to Bassi, the typical Solidworks user only uses 60% of the Solidworks functions, but every user uses a different 60%. The “monolithic Solidworks” is now also equipped with a large number of functions. Therefore, a different path will be taken in the future. This is based on the app stores from Google or Apple. Here everyone can put together their own functional portfolio. In this context, Bassi referred to the “pay-per-use” option and continuous updates to show the benefits of the 3D experience.

Tailor-made roles for users

Uwe Burk, Vice President Customer Role Experience Euro Central, explained what this will look like in practice: Since the areas of responsibility of employees or their functions in the company are very different, the software from Dassault Systèmes is now also offered on a role-based basis. In a role, for example, an employee needs certain tools for 3D modeling, simulation or 3D printing. In addition, in small companies, for example, the designer is often also responsible for other areas such as documentation. In marketing, on the other hand, you need access to 3D models, but you do not need any CAD functionalities.

Tool box for the different roles

These task areas can be defined in roles and can now be better covered with apps. A person can also hold several roles - as is often the case in small companies - and then requires the corresponding functionalities. "We have currently defined about 50 roles that cover all important functional areas in the companies, " says Burk. A defined toolbox in the form of apps is now offered for these roles.

Advantageous combination

What is new is that applications from the 3D Experience Works portfolio can be combined with applications from the Dassault Systèmes shelf. This means that CAD functions from the classic Solidworks software can be combined with Delmia, Enovia, Catia apps. The immense range of functions of a CAD system is distributed over many roles. The basis for this - a common, compatible data model - is available, emphasizes the French software group.

Functionalities on demand

This is particularly interesting for small companies that have so far not been able to afford the functionality of high-end software. You now have the option of purchasing functionalities via the app as required. But this is also an advantage for larger companies, because the full functionality of a package is not always required. In addition, the operation of mixed installations (for example Solidworks CAD and Catia) should now be made possible “seamlessly”.

On virtual paths against the corona crisis

In view of the latest developments relating to the corona virus, events are being canceled or postponed in a row. The future can belong to digital platforms that can compensate for this development. With the "Industrial Generation Network", the Vogel Communications Group presents a solution for professionals in the industry. As a digital supplement, the platform enables extensive networking: the focus is on digital encounters and establishing contacts, as well as product presentation and thematic exchange. Tools such as making appointments and video conferences enable professionals to network, make appointments and do research close to the respective branch. The platform thus replaces the currently severely restricted face-to-face communication, especially at trade fairs.

How can the platform help me?

Use 3D CAD software locally, hybrid or from the cloud

Solidworks 3D CAD software is basically available in three versions:

  • As a cloud solution that works completely without local installation.
  • As a hybrid version, in which the application is installed locally, but the data is stored in the cloud and as
  • well-known desktop version.

In order to guarantee the highest possible security of the data and also to convince cloud critics, Dassault Systèmes operates a cloud infrastructure in each country according to the local (or EU) legal guidelines. From summer 2020, three new bundles will be available under the name 3D-Experience-Works (Standard, Professional and Premium). In addition to a Solidworks license of the respective "pack size", they also contain various sections of the platform offering.

Data security at the CAD workplace

Better to be on the safe side

Common to all three packages is the basic connection to the platform called "Collaborative Business Innovator", which includes basic communication functions such as chats or dashboards. The "Collaboration Industry Innovator" function links Solidworks to the Enovia data management in the 3D experience and makes it possible to access the data in the platform directly from CAD and to save CAD data in the platform.

Interlocking design and production

The manufacturing portfolio was also further expanded: With the takeover of the ERP software IQMS in 2018, its renaming as Delmia Works and further development, Dassault Systèmes has opened the door to manufacturing. This is also supported by the digital marketplace "Marketplace", which is intended to bring together customers and suppliers in the area of product development / manufacturing. The cloud-based trading platform for digital design, engineering and manufacturing transactions enables the requesting of manufacturing services from the CAD software.

Construction suitable for production

Platform brings designers and manufacturing experts together

The marketplace offer includes components from suppliers as well as manufacturing services. It manages all aspects of a transaction between buyer and seller, such as payments, currencies and invoicing. This means that there is a record for every transaction that can be fully traced. For a group like Dassault Systèmes, this is a logical step to combine its range of design solutions with the offer of component manufacturers or manufacturers.

* Stefan Graf, specialist journalist, Darmstadt

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