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What Smart Tools Do

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What Smart Tools Do
What Smart Tools Do

Industry 4.0 demands future-oriented concepts for intelligent production processes. Precision tools play a key role as the interface between the machine and the workpiece. Tool systems that are networked with machines and send and receive process data open up new possibilities for process monitoring and analysis and thus offer enormous potential for increasing efficiency and process reliability.

Collect, save and analyze

Smart tool systems communicate and interact with external devices such as machine control, measuring systems or other mobile devices. They collect, save and analyze data about the process and its status and therefore provide the machine operator and the production control with important information for further actions. This should result in significant advantages for the user: through continuous monitoring and analysis, wear can be detected at an early stage, thus guaranteeing high component quality with minimal reject rates. This lowers costs per unit and increases productivity.

Digital networking for maximum precision

The advantages of intelligent tool systems become clear when producing bores with tight tolerances. A feature for the fine boring tools from LMT Tools are cutting elements that are automatically adjusted to the micrometer by electronic components. In this way, the cutting edges can be set digitally with absolute precision and - if desired - any wear that occurs can be compensated for fully automatically. In addition to fine boring tools with wear compensation, LMT Tools develops smart rolling systems for the production of external threads. The Evo-Line tangential roller heads are equipped with a sensor for force measurements.

When the tool is retracted, the standard curve is measured and saved as a benchmark for the subsequent rolling processes. When used in tools, the stored data, which can be digitally transmitted to external devices, provide important information for optimizing the rolling process.

Smart factory

The smart factory of the future already exists

New maintenance concepts

LMT Tools is also breaking new ground in commissioning, service and maintenance. In the future, intelligent features will also come into play here. In the future, the tool will provide feedback as soon as the next maintenance date is due - initially after a programmed period of time based on empirical values, later also depending on actual needs.

On virtual paths against the corona crisis

In view of the latest developments relating to the corona virus, events are being canceled or postponed in a row. The future can belong to digital platforms that can compensate for this development. With the "Industrial Generation Network", the Vogel Communications Group presents a solution for professionals in the industry. As a digital supplement, the platform enables extensive networking: the focus is on digital encounters and establishing contacts, as well as product presentation and thematic exchange. Tools such as making appointments and video conferences enable professionals to network, make appointments and do research close to the respective branch. The platform thus replaces the currently severely restricted face-to-face communication, especially at trade fairs.

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