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What Is A Servo Pump?

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What Is A Servo Pump?
What Is A Servo Pump?

Video: What Is A Servo Pump?

Video: What Is A Servo Pump?
Video: Inverters and motors for servo pumps 2023, May

Servo pumps are a special form of servo drive, which usually consist of a servo motor with a servo converter. The components form a coordinated mechatronic system that works together as a functional unit.

Basically, monitoring devices against short-circuit, overload or overtemperature are part of the equipment of a servo converter. Often the servo inverter also offers a certain range of control functions for motion control and for controlling a part of the machine.

Areas of application for servo pumps

The special thing about a servo pump is that the servo drive drives a hydraulic pump here - this is usually the application in highly complex processes, such as injection molding machines, where a certain pressure must be applied quickly and reliably. In fact, this pressure was previously generated by constant displacement pumps, which - whether required for the process or not - provide the pressure.

In the meantime, the use of servo pumps has become standard equipment for machine builders, also due to rising energy costs. Users are increasingly looking at the total cost of ownership and see that the increased purchase price for a servo pump can very often pay for itself within a year due to the significant reduction in energy consumption.

Further development of the servo pump

In the latest development - in this case by the manufacturer Baumüller - the hydraulic pump with teeth is attached directly to the engine. Coupling and bellhousing, as with classic servo pump versions, are no longer required, which should have the advantage of a shorter installation length and consequently a smaller footprint of the machine. Direct attachment also means that mechanical parts are no longer required. The machine builder benefits from lower storage costs.

With his newly developed servo pump, Baumüller wants to combine the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the advantages of electrical servo drive technology. The control of the drive and the lower energy consumption of the components, especially in the partial load range, results in a highly energy-efficient, yet economical solution that machine builders and users in the plastics and die-casting industry can implement as a decisive competitive advantage in their machines.

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