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Control Brakes Efficiently

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Control Brakes Efficiently
Control Brakes Efficiently

Video: Control Brakes Efficiently

Video: Control Brakes Efficiently
Video: Progressive Braking | Learn to drive: Car control skills 2023, December

With the Slim Collection, Kendrion has launched a new generation of smart control modules for electromagnetic brakes. The control modules are equipped with many functions and are intended to optimize braking behavior. Overexcitation adjusts switching times and reduces wear, which extends the life of the brake.

The integrated rapid shutdown should enable the drive to be stopped exactly without additional wiring. According to the manufacturer, users also save energy because the modules significantly reduce the heat generated in the brake (power loss). The Slim Collection is controlled by a microcontroller.

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PCB overmolded directly

The control modules are very compact, so that they can be accommodated directly in the application. According to Kendrion, this is possible due to very modern, small SMD components and a direct overmolding of the circuit board, because this means that the housing can be omitted. Another advantage of this design: The Slim Collection is significantly cheaper than conventional solutions.

According to the manufacturer, the product range can be used for any electromagnetic brake without any problems. The space requirement is very small, so that the module can be accommodated in a junction box or close to the motor directly in the application. As an application example, the specialists at Kendrion cite mounting directly in a robot joint.


Intorq and Kendrion merge to form an industrial brake company

Modules in series or on customer request

The company offers the Slim Collection in 14 versions with different functions. Some of the modules are available from stock as series devices. Kendrion produces in part on customer request.

Control modules with similar functions are already available on the market. However, the Kendrion team is certain that the company can have a key unique selling point. The combination of the form factor and the functions is new and only possible through the modern components and new manufacturing processes, it is said on request.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

The focus of the user meeting mechatronic drive technology is on the mechanical components of gears, clutches and brakes as well as their design, dimensioning and interaction in the overall mechatronic system.

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