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Plasma Makes Used Protective Clothing Reusable

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Plasma Makes Used Protective Clothing Reusable
Plasma Makes Used Protective Clothing Reusable

Video: Plasma Makes Used Protective Clothing Reusable

Video: Plasma Makes Used Protective Clothing Reusable
Video: Personal Protective Equipment 2023, December

Plasmatreat is a specialist in atmospheric plasma research and application. Plasma technology has many uses and could be the solution in the current corona pandemic, where there is a lack of protective masks and protective clothing. The idea: to disinfect disposable protective clothing using a safe and simple procedure. The actual disposable item can then be used again.

How does plasma work?

Plasma is created when air and high voltage come together - for example when it flashes during a thunderstorm. The lightning from the flash consists of pure plasma, a gaseous material.

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Plasma is characterized by the fact that it disinfects using a special process. Even particularly stable, multi-resistant germs can be killed with plasma - this is the result of years of research in the microbiological laboratory in the Plasmatreat Technology Center.

If the plasma is successfully used in the corona crisis, it can advance research at Plasmatreat and accelerate the pending approval process. “We are still in a gray area. We know that our procedure works and we have sufficient evidence - but the procedure is not yet approved. This process takes an incredibly long time! “, Explains Managing Director Christian Buske.

Conventional disinfection options are very limited in the fight against viruses such as Ebola or Corona. There are many reasons:

  • Transportation problems
  • Difficulty with supplies
  • limited shelf life
  • not applicable everywhere
  • they are often chemical lugs and harmful to textiles

A prototype of an automatic cleaning machine is already being used by the Bavarian Red Cross, another machine is in the clinical test phase at the Munich University Medical Center and the American Yale University has also expressed interest.

Tap water becomes a disinfectant with plasma

Plasmatreat is working on further disinfection solutions. For example, tap water can be enriched with plasma, making it a simple disinfectant. Here too, the test series have been running at the Plasmatreat Technology Center for years. For Buske and his team, the vision hovering above the company is currently being confirmed: "Plasma helps us to combine innovation with sustainability and to make the world a bit safer".