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Be A Pioneer In The Course Of Time

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Be A Pioneer In The Course Of Time
Be A Pioneer In The Course Of Time

Video: Be A Pioneer In The Course Of Time

Video: Be A Pioneer In The Course Of Time
Video: Как устроена IT-столица мира / Russian Silicon Valley (English subs) 2023, May

construction practice: Leuze is currently presenting itself with a new brand identity. How did that happen?

Balbach: Leuze has been developing efficient sensor solutions with its customers worldwide for over 50 years, tailored to their requirements in a constantly changing industry. Your success is what drives us. And the Leuze brand promises to convey our values, messages and emotions. The new look conveys determination and passion for technological progress and change.

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The book industrial sensors describes the development and practical application of the most important sensors. Through application-related error analysis of measuring systems, sensors and sensor systems, each supplemented by many detailed, fully calculated application examples, the book is not only suitable for students, but also for engineers and technicians from various disciplines.

construction practice: The company now simply acts as Leuze. Tired of electronic?

Balbach: No, of course we still want electronics - we are at home in optoelectronics. When the company was founded in 1963, the term electronics had a very special value. That has changed. Today nobody would question that electronics are used in devices such as our sensors. And from a pragmatic point of view, Leuze electronic is a long name, which is also often misspelled or shortened to Leuze. These aspects played a role in the decision to forego the electronic addition. But above all, we value a clear appearance.

construction practice: What is striking about the new appearance is the word pioneer. What do you want to say?

Balbach: We actually see ourselves as pioneers for our customers. This goes far beyond the understanding of a pioneer. When analyzing our technological milestones, we discovered that we had been an innovative company for decades. We have also always been at the forefront when it comes to patents. For example, if you speak to long-term developers at our company, you will find that the first, largest, highest, smallest or whatever has been a topic for us very often. So for us it is a very important finding to have been a trailblazer in many ways without perhaps communicating it that way. And we want to change this in the future.


How sensors work and where they are used

construction practice: This is why the full slogan also means "pioneer. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow."

Balbach: Right. We want to be a lighthouse, a signpost. This also applies to future topics such as Industry 4.0, IoT or IIoT. That is why, as you say, we carefully considered this “trailblazer” slogan. This “yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.”This makes it clear, when we look at the whole picture, that we were in the past, which can also prove it, and will continue to be in the future.

construction practice: That sounds very ambitious. How do you intend to ensure that you remain a pioneer in the long run?

Balbach: The role of a pioneer is changing. Being a pioneer 40 years ago had a different meaning than today. And of course this role can mean something else tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't have a crystal ball to help me here. But we are an agile company and will be so flexible that we can quickly develop and adapt to new requirements. We would like to illustrate this pioneer and this versatility with the slogan.

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Functional safety in all facets

construction practice: It only makes sense to prepare a path if someone also wants to take this path. How do you make this tasty for your customers?

Balbach: We are a high-tech company, we master our technologies very well and we want to continue to do so. Designing these technologies in such a way that our customers benefit is what we understand by innovation and that is where we see one of our strengths. Another strength is our application know-how. How do I use a sensor in relation to specific applications and applications - that is crucial for us. It follows how I have to build it. We also attach great importance to making our products user-friendly, not only for user operation, but also with very special designs. Finally, a very high level of integration with plug-and-play is important to us.

construction practice: let's look into the future: what will Leuze focus on in the next five years?

Balbach:From a constructive point of view, there are typical tasks that you always have to do, be it reducing manufacturing costs, using other materials, possibly new guidelines that have to be observed. Sustainability, reusability, i.e. designing products in such a way that we can return them in any way, will surely concern us increasingly. The topic of connectivity will be particularly important, we call it sensors communication. By that I don't just mean designing interfaces, but the big picture. Collect data, send it to the edge, send it to the cloud, retrieve it, evaluate it. Without the necessary sensor technology and its further development, none of this makes sense. And what has always been a trend and will remain one: everything is getting smaller. In optoelectronics you have the problemnot being able to scale. That is why some of our engineers are constantly dealing with miniaturization.

construction practice: Thank you very much Mr. Balbach.

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