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Nine New Products For Development And Construction

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Nine New Products For Development And Construction
Nine New Products For Development And Construction

Video: Nine New Products For Development And Construction

Video: Nine New Products For Development And Construction
Video: Class 11 - Developing new products - Chapter 9 2023, May

The German-Austrian AR expert Holo-Light has developed a new solution for development engineers: The software suite Augmented Reality Engineering Space (ARES) enables developers to visualize, edit and share CAD data in a real environment and size. ARES simplifies workflows in the product development process and helps to reduce time and costs efficiently. The AR solution is said to be ideal for prototyping, factory planning and quality control - for example in mechanical engineering, in the automotive and chemical industries as well as in space and aviation. Customers include BMW, Festo, Magna, TÜV and BASF.

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Virtual reality

How VR and AR work - basics, overview and examples

Smart optimization of CAD data thanks to the new user interface

The Asfalis software has a new front end in the current release EX 8.2. The so-called "Smart Controller" has been integrated as a new user interface. Various machining scenarios can be created with this and then started and controlled in batch mode. Batch processing makes it possible to process large amounts of data. If, for example, construction data is transmitted from a supplier, it can be converted into the company's own CAD format fully automatically according to a specified scenario, repaired at the same time and also simplified or checked directly. Asfalis makes time-consuming visual comparisons and tests superfluous, especially for complex assemblies.

Smart engineering day

The digitization of production requires a rethink in product development. The Smart Engineering Day offers decision support for the selection of the most suitable methods for the conception, design and development of smart products and machines.

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Easily manage technical mass data

The new version 9.6 of the Simus Classmate software suite is intended to enable manufacturing companies to increase their efficiency in dealing with technical mass data used in CAD, PLM / PDM or ERP systems. New search and comparison functions in web-based applications create transparency for users and promote the reuse of components and cost-conscious design. Based on a solid data basis, the software opens up new possibilities in Master Data Governance projects: Automatic processes support important company functions, including in construction and work preparation.

Design faster in mechanical engineering thanks to the CAD data catalog

Kontec Maschinenbau GmbH has created a new 3D CAD product catalog for its own brand Uversa in collaboration with Cadenas, which is based on e-catalog solutions technology. The company from Sonthofen im Allgäu produces components that act as a link between the automation technology and its respective footprint. With the new catalog solution, 51 uversa products in 6 different coatings can be easily selected at uversa.partcommunity.com, checked in a 3D preview and then downloaded as intelligent engineering data directly in over 150 common CAD formats and in designs integrate.

Collaborate efficiently in the product creation process

Cooperation with engineering offices, suppliers and the customer is essential for efficient product development. With Collaboration Hub, Contact Software now offers an enterprise-class solution for joint ventures, joint development projects and supplier integration. Collaboration Hub is easy to configure, quick to use and flexible to use. The starting point is the Contact Elements portfolio of standard components for technology, core services and specialist applications along the product creation process. The offer is complemented by the PLM connectors from Prostep AG, for example to connect partners or parts of companies with different PLM systems.

Construction methods

This saves you time and money in construction

Simply prepare scan data for further use in CAD systems

Core Technologie has equipped its 3D_Evolution Simplifier tool with a new envelope geometry function to convert tessellated geometries and scan data into CAD-compatible models for system planning. From now on, triangulated bodies can be replaced by envelope contours and saved as a CAD solid model or CAD assembly. This makes it possible to automatically convert tessellated visualizations and scan data from formats such as.cgr,.jt,.stl,.obj or.vrml into B-Rep solids and into all common CAD formats such as Catia, Nx, Jt, or convert step. The models are compressed by the more compact B-REP description, which is based on surfaces or “solids”, and enables the elements to be reduced by up to 95%. The result is highly simplified data sets for collision investigations, simulations,Digital mock-ups or drawing derivatives.

Dossier simulation

How simulation improves product development

CAD software in a new version and under a new brand

With version 7.0 CAD Schroer combines the products Medusa4 and MPDS4 in a common CAD suite. With this holistic 3D planning experience, the company wants to bring a breath of fresh air to mechanical and plant engineering. MPDS4 now runs under the name M4 Plant. The software was developed to take full advantage of an integrated software solution, to provide stable functions with the highest possible performance and to work seamlessly with other locations. M4 Plant Version 7.0 is equipped with many new functions and catalogs, which should ensure an unprecedented design feeling.

Improved 3D CAD viewer available

An updated version of the 3D CAD viewer Glovius is available from Data-CAD. No license of the corresponding CAD system is required for the display and analysis of native CAD data. The logical and well thought-out user interface should lead to a short training period and a quick success when using Glovius. The automatic comparison of 3D CAD data helps in the detection, report generation and visualization of CAD design changes. The comparison function carries out a B-Rep-based comparison of the 3D geometry and enables the checking and inspection of differences in any two 3D CAD files.

Multi-CAD visualization with easy operation

According to Kisters, the 3D view station combines fast, functionally well-equipped multi-CAD visualization with simple operation. Right from the start, the solution was developed based on customer requirements. A new import dialog for 3D CAD data should make it easy for inexperienced users to quickly set the correct settings. The office-like user interface also helps to cope with the more than 180 interactive functions, whether on the desktop PC or with the browser. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, power users' demands for advanced analysis functions are also satisfied.

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