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Decentralized Solutions Enable Reliable Transportation

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Decentralized Solutions Enable Reliable Transportation
Decentralized Solutions Enable Reliable Transportation

Video: Decentralized Solutions Enable Reliable Transportation

Video: Decentralized Solutions Enable Reliable Transportation
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It has to be fast, without interruptions or even failures. After all, they are pieces of luggage at airports or parcels in distribution centers. They have to be moved quickly and reliably from A to B, which is usually done using extensive conveyor systems. This places high demands on the automation technology used, which should be as easy and flexible to install as possible and should ensure safe operation with smooth maintenance work

One way to achieve the goal is via decentralized automation concepts, system installations and drive components and involves, among other things, supplying the individual drives of transport lines with electrical energy. If you implement the whole thing with a central control cabinet, not only unimaginable quantities of cables are required, but also huge cable routes. This turns the electrical installation into an unacceptable battle for materials. One way to prevent this is to use an energy bus in the form of a flat cable system.

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Success factor energy bus

With a decentralized concept, the electrical supply in large systems can be installed easily, quickly and safely and structured to a high degree. One example of this is Beijing-Daxing International Airport in China, for which around 31 km of flat cables, 750 distribution modules and 5700 connection modules from the Podis power bus system from Wieland Electric are used for its baggage handling system. Compared to conventional systems with pipe and line technology, the modular system not only enables flexible cabling, but also short installation and commissioning times with 70% time and 30% cost savings. This is due to prefabricated and tested components that are simply put together on site.

In addition, the Podis energy bus makes the operation of systems almost maintenance-free. The connection is made with penetration contact. Once installed, this type of connection is maintenance-free for the entire life of the system. Due to the system concept, taps can be set without errors without checking. This enables further labor, time and cost savings.

Decentralized drive technology

From the virtual to the real world at the push of a button

Integrated drive solution

If the decentralized power distribution is supplemented with a suitable motor starter, an integrated drive solution for logistical systems can be efficiently implemented. In view of the continuous movement prevailing there, the topic of security plays a major role here. Finally, dangers to people or damage to the system should be avoided if possible. For this reason, it is advantageous if the motor starter has integrated safety functions such as STO (Safe Torque Off) and functional safety can be achieved without additional safety components.

Machine safety user meeting

Machine safety is an important issue: the correct standards must be taken into account and the requirements of the Machinery Directive must be complied with. The machine safety user meeting supports developers and designers to ensure the functional safety of machines and systems.

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Plug-and-play reduces wiring effort

Simple installation and commissioning are also helpful:

  • If everything is pluggable according to the plug-and-play principle, the wiring effort can be kept low and time saved.
  • The parameterization of the motor starter should also be as simple as possible and without the use of software.
  • Configuration settings via DIP switches with the support of modern aids, for example a web configurator, which can be carried out quickly and easily using a QR code on a smartphone or tablet, are a welcome alternative.
  • Since there are also many large logistics centers spread across the globe, those motor starters that have international approvals play their strengths here.
  • Specific technical features such as different local networks or certain installation regulations should not become an obstacle either.

Mechatronic drive technology

Optimal design of efficient drive system

Decentralized motor starters reduce costs

An example of a drive component that offers the functions mentioned above is the new Podis-MS 5HP motor starter from Wieland Electric. The decentralized motor starter with degree of protection IP65 / Nema12 has the integrated safety function STO (Safe Torque Off). As a compact drive solution for operating asynchronous motors, the reversing motor starter is also designed so that the power range from 0.25 kW to 4 kW can be covered with a single size. This not only simplifies the planning and project planning of plants, but also contributes to lower storage and administration costs. Since there is also only one order variant, the effort involved in procurement and materials management is also reduced.

Book tip

The book Drive Design Practical Guide helps you select the essential components of electrical drive systems: motor, gearbox, actuator, power supply and their additional components. The calculation is also dealt with intensively.