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The Right Turn

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The Right Turn
The Right Turn

Video: The Right Turn

Video: The Right Turn
Video: Chris Cornell & Layne Staley - Right Turn 2023, December

The right turn is important: Turntables are the first choice if components, workpieces or pallets are to be brought into position by means of a rotary movement or transported from one processing station to the next. The diverse devices enable short switching and cycle times and are at home in almost all industries - be it in the automotive sector, in general mechanical and plant engineering, in battery production for electromobility or in the food industry.

Proven cycloid gear technology

With the RS series, Nabtesco has an alternative for rotary positioning in its range. The rotary tables are based on the cycloid gear technology that has been tried and tested in robotics for decades. They are characterized by high positioning accuracy and performance as well as a compact design. In combination with a servo motor, freely programmable, highly flexible positioning units can be implemented, which can be easily adapted to changing handling and assembly requirements at any time.

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Now the company has expanded the rotary tables of the RS series by one size for loads up to 1500 kg. The new RS-50A closes the gap. Nabtesco therefore covers the entire range of services up to 9 t with its RS rotary tables.

High efficiency

The rotary table RS-50A has a nominal torque of 490 Nm as well as acceleration and braking torques of 1225 Nm and, with a mass moment of inertia of 10 kg / m 2, can turn 180 ° within 0.7 seconds Rolling ensures high efficiency, a long service life and extremely low backlash in the gearbox (hysteresis loss <1 arcmin). Even over a long period of time, the game gain is negligible. Applications also benefit from the high repeatability and positioning accuracy. The almost complete contact and the even distribution of force within the transmission guarantee high shock resistance (up to five times the nominal torque) and extreme rigidity.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

The focus of the user meeting mechatronic drive technology is on the mechanical components of gears, clutches and brakes as well as their design, dimensioning and interaction in the overall mechatronic system.

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The compact design with a height of 136 mm (with motor flange 158 mm) ensures small, flat machine constructions. The integrated bevel gear and the hollow shaft construction contribute to this. The hollow central axis has a diameter of 50 mm and allows cables and supply lines to be easily and space-savingly routed through the center of the cycloidal gear.

There are hardly any limits to the possible uses of the RS-50A: whether welding positioners, assembly technology or food palletizing - wherever precise positioning and absolute reliability are important, the new rotary table is the choice. Fields of application can also be found in battery production for electromobility, for example in electrolyte filling and module and packaging production.