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Repair Stone Chips Yourself

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Repair Stone Chips Yourself
Repair Stone Chips Yourself

Video: Repair Stone Chips Yourself

Video: Repair Stone Chips Yourself
Video: How To Correctly "Paint Touch-Up" Stone Chips On Your Car To Get The Best Results! 2023, April

Falling rocks can be expensive. In the workshop you already pay a good 100 euros for repairs. However, you should not ignore the small crack in the pane either, because the well-known vehicle glass repairer from advertising is absolutely right: a small stone chip can quickly become a large crack. After that, usually only the replacement of the complete disc helps and that can cost over 500 euros. To save costs, we will therefore show you how you can repair a stone chip yourself.

When can I repair a stone chip myself?

Whether damage caused by falling rocks, ice scraping or a crack due to heat and cold - many damages can be repaired yourself, but not all! In the following cases, you may not repair the stone chip yourself:

  • Rockfall in the driver's field of vision: The driver's field of vision is directly above the steering wheel and is a good 29 cm wide and as high as the windscreen wiper field. In this area, lawmakers prohibit repairs.
  • Large cracks: repair sets are only intended for small damage. If a large crack (over 2.5 cm in diameter) has already formed from it, you can no longer repair it yourself.
  • Crack at the edge of the pane: A crack that ends at the edge of the pane must also no longer be repaired.
  • Damage to the intermediate film: If the intermediate film or even the inner pane is also damaged, repair is no longer possible.

Tried windshield repair kit yourself

ATG offers a "Do-It-Yourself" windshield repair kit for stone chips for around 25 euros. For a similar repair, professionals sometimes ask four times as much - some drivers consider twice whether they can repair the stone chips themselves! The repair set works with two-component plastic and is very easy to use. However, to repair the stone chips, you need to allow about five hours for the plastic to dry.

The repair kit eliminates the most common types of stone chip damage in laminated glass (e.g. car, truck, camper windscreens) up to 2.5 cm in diameter.

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