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Squeaky Wipers

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Squeaky Wipers
Squeaky Wipers

Video: Squeaky Wipers

Video: Squeaky Wipers
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There are two main reasons why windshield wipers squeak: either they are broken or they are dirty! In the first case, it only helps to change the wipers. Often, however, the windshield wipers are also replaced when simple cleaning would have done so. The disappointment is great when the new wipers also get dirty after a short time and start to squeak. We reveal what you can do about squeaky windshield wipers without replacing the complete wipers.

What can you do against squeaky wipers?

Squeak the wipers, there are three things you can do immediately so you don't have to replace the wipers immediately:

  1. Cleaning the windscreen wipers: A damp cloth is the best and easiest remedy for squeaky windscreen wipers. Set up the wipers and wipe them well.
  2. Clean the windscreen: Often it is not the windscreen wiper that causes the squeak, but the windscreen. Clean them thoroughly with a window cleaner. If that doesn't help, use a silicone cleaner. Car washes often use silicone-based seals that make the car shine, but have a bad effect on the wiping behavior of the windscreen wipers.
  3. Re-cutting the wipers: If the wipers are older, re-cutting with a special cutter can help to extend the life of the wipers again.

Recut garden houses & carport wipers

This wiper blade cutter significantly extends the service life of your wiper blades

If all this doesn't help against the squeaky windshield wipers, then the wipers are already too old = " and porous and must be replaced.

Practical tip: It should go without saying, but only switch on the windscreen wipers if the windscreen is wet enough. In the event of frost on the windscreen, you should not use the windscreen wipers to avoid damage.

Squeaky wipers: home remedies

Before you use new wipers or expensive cleaning agents for squeaky wipers, try sandpaper and a potato. Sounds strange, but it actually works. Simply treat the slice with the inside of a raw, halved potato. The strength lies over the wiper blades and prevents squeaking.

Squeaky windshield wipers: view from the car
Squeaky windshield wipers: view from the car

Use the sandpaper directly on the wiper blades. It works similarly to the windshield wiper cutter from the trade. Simply run over the rubber lips with fine sandpaper. The bumps are sanded off and the wiper blades are like new again.

Why do new wipers squeak?

It's really annoying: the windshield wipers squeak and you buy a high-quality new pair, only to find out that they squeak too! Clearly, even new windshield wipers squeak, the problem is not with the wipers, but with the windshield. Therefore, clean them thoroughly as described above.

If that doesn't help, make sure that the windshield wipers are correctly attached. The wiper blades should be pulled during the wiping movement and not pushed. To do this, they must be almost perpendicular to the pane.

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