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Garden Fleece Against Weeds

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Garden Fleece Against Weeds
Garden Fleece Against Weeds

Video: Garden Fleece Against Weeds

Video: Garden Fleece Against Weeds
Video: Fleece to speed growth of new plantings in spring, and mesh in summer to reduce pest damage 2023, September

Beware of confusion: In retail you will find numerous different products under the name garden fleece.

However, some of the products have very different uses: as weed fleece, frost protection and growth film. This article is about the use as weed fleece.

Use garden fleece against weeds

A garden fleece prevents the settlement of field winches, horsetail and Co. in the long term and without the use of chemical weed killers. The principle is simple: the garden fleece is laid across the entire bed so that weeds are completely deprived of sunlight. This is how it gets after a short while, while the plants in the bed above the fleece can thrive unhindered.



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Garden fleece: permeable to nutrients and water

While weeds are effectively contained, the water, air and nutrients necessary for the plants in the bed are almost unhindered by the open fiber structure of the garden fleece. The plant is thus supplied with everything it needs and can thrive vigorously without being disturbed by annoying weeds.

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Lay garden fleece

The first thing to do is lay the garden fleece in the bed. Cover the entire bed with it and pin it at the ends with ground anchors. For the plants, cut x-shaped incisions in the fleece and plant the flowers in the resulting hole. So that the garden fleece does not disturb the aesthetics in the bed, the bed can be covered with mulch or gravel.

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