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Plant Magnolia

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Plant Magnolia
Plant Magnolia

Video: Plant Magnolia

Video: Plant Magnolia
Video: Посадка магнолии 2023, September

Depending on the species, magnolia bloom from April to June. The particularly early magnolia species are naturally endangered by late frost and need protected places. So give her a special place in your garden. The magnolia generally prefers humus-rich, slightly acidic soils and a bright location. When planting magnolia you should always consider planting the plant as a loner. Make sure to calculate up to five meters to the left and right. The crown can soon turn out very luxuriant.

Plant magnolia

Hobby gardeners have an easy game with magnolia. It is an eye-catcher in the garden and it requires little maintenance to make the flowers shine. The plant genus is absolutely resistant and resistant to pests and diseases. Plant protection products can therefore be completely dispensed with in magnolia. Only when planting should you bring a little time:

  • The ideal time to plant magnolia is in late summer, i.e. between September and October.
  • The loose soil of the bale crop, that the magnolia is usually available for purchase, should first of all be mixed with growing soil.
  • The excavation in the garden should be about twice as large as the bale itself. Be sure to water the hole well before planting.
  • Be sure to firmly trench the excavation after planting.

Grooming magnolias

All magnolias are pronounced flat roots; they resent cultivating the roots in the root area, so they will soon be working on the garden should you cover the roots of the magnolia with bark mulch. This keeps the soil loose, cool and fresh and prevents the frost from penetrating too deep in winter. The stature height is 2-25 m depending on the magnolia species, whereby the East Asian species usually remain smaller. Late frosts in March can bring an abrupt end to some species of magnolia. In this country, you should use a frost-hardy way of planting, such as the purple magnolia or the star magnolia. So in spring they are grateful for some nutrients that give them strength. Heat can also affect the magnolia: If the summer months are very hot, you should water the soil in between.



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