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Ikea Tea Shelf

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Ikea Tea Shelf
Ikea Tea Shelf

Video: Ikea Tea Shelf

Video: Ikea Tea Shelf
Video: Чайник ИКЕА РИКЛИГ готовим вкусный чай + чашки ИКЕА/365+ 2023, November

The birch plywood of the tea shelf for loose tea quickly becomes unsightly in the kitchen. Here we present an upcycling idea for the drawer tea rack that you can quickly implement yourself in an afternoon!

The small wooden chest of drawers MOPPE from the Swedish furniture store is spiced up with a motif that you stick on the front. For this you need a label (or a poster, a sample wallpaper, …) whose proportions match those of the chest of drawers. Have it enlarged in the copy shop to the dimensions of the chest of drawers.

Ikea upcycling: build your own tea shelf

For thick papers and wallpapers, classic wood glue is best suited to transfer the motif to the drawers of the tea shelf. With the serviette technique you can also fix thin materials (such as serviettes, tissue paper, …) on the Ikea tea shelf.

Practical tip: If you take all the drawers off the shelf and put them together tightly, the motif is even easier to stick on. However, the horizontal intermediate webs of the shelf cover remain without a motif.

Of course, you can also use MOPPE as a practical spice cabinet: the spice rack designed in this way is ideal for loose spices and dry herbs (e.g. laurel, vanilla sticks, etc.), which are stored in bags instead of glasses.

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