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Shelf With Ladder

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Shelf With Ladder
Shelf With Ladder

Video: Shelf With Ladder

Video: Shelf With Ladder
Video: HAVE YOU KNOW THIS? 55 Beautiful Ladder Shelves Decorating Ideas to Inspire You 2023, November

If you happen to have an old ladder on hand, you can easily implement this DIY. Because an old ladder can be used to make a great bookshelf with a few utensils.

An old wooden ladder is a nice thing, but it doesn't last forever. If the good piece wobbles too much for you or you simply bought a new ladder, this does not mean that you simply have to dispose of the old one. You can also easily build a bookcase with a ladder yourself. This makes a lot more attractive than the shelves that always look the same, which you usually find in furniture stores, and it also makes economic sense. The rack with ladder finally not everyone hanging in his apartment.



your own glass wall shelf

The instructions explain step by step how to build a wall shelf made of glass

Build bookshelf with ladder yourself

Saw the ladder with the saw in the middle between the third and fourth rung at a 45 degree angle. Sand the edges with the sander. Then drill a 10 mm hole in the middle through two rungs per ladder section. Then connect the parts at two flat angles with screws. Now all you have to do is attach the furniture feet to the wall and hang the ladder on them.

Furniture itself build


shelves from kitchen worktops

You can build this sturdy wall shelf from simple kitchen worktops

Shelf with ladder: list of materials

  • ladder
  • 4 furniture feet with thread
  • 4 threaded screws
  • 2 flat angles
  • 8 wood screws
  • 16 dowels
  • 16 screws

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