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Halloween Decoration: Garden

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Halloween Decoration: Garden
Halloween Decoration: Garden

Video: Halloween Decoration: Garden

Video: Halloween Decoration: Garden
Video: Outdoor Halloween Decorations | Halloween Yard Decorations | Outside Halloween Decorations Ideas 2023, April

Halloween in Germany is still a comparatively young holiday, but every year more and more people are enthusiastic about the spooky scary party. And since Halloween takes place primarily on the doorstep for the little ones, the right Halloween decoration in the garden should of course not be missing.

Make Halloween decorations for the garden yourself

The night before All Saints' Day they move around again: ghosts, witches, mummies and Co. Their goal: to get as many sweets as possible! So that you can give the little monsters a proper reception, the right Halloween decoration must be in the garden and on the front door. From classic Halloween decoration ideas such as pumpkins, candles and autumn leaves to ghosts, skeletons and scarecrows - we present the most beautiful Halloween garden decorations for you to make yourself.


Halloween decoration
Halloween decoration

Halloween decorations

Halloween only gets creepy with an atmospheric decoration

There is hardly any restriction with the DIY Halloween decoration for the garden: everything is allowed from natural to whimsical - the garden decoration for Halloween should only be waterproof so that it can survive for 1-2 weeks outdoors! Halloween decorations can of course be bought in any decorating shop (even supermarkets have discovered the shop with the Halloween decorations for them!), But making the Halloween decorations for the garden is more personal and fun, like that Show the following ideas for Halloween decorations for the garden.

DIY decoration classic: Halloween pumpkin & autumn leaves

Of course, it should not be missing for Halloween: the Jack O'Lantern. The hollowed-out, glowing pumpkin simply belongs on every front door on Halloween. There are no limits to your creativity when choosing the grimaces. Very important: the right tool! We have summarized what you need and how you can best do your carving here:



carving pumpkins

With the right cutting tool, Halloween pumpkin carving is easy

If you don't want to go to the trouble of hollowing out a pumpkin, you can of course tinker it. A pumpkin can also be easily painted with a nasty grimace. Practical: This way even the little ones can help diligently with handicrafts:



Pumpkin yourself

Our Halloween decoration is made out of a pumpkin and some white paint

Since a single pumpkin naturally looks lonely and deserted, more decoration is needed. A Jack O'Lantern basically goes well with any fall decoration. Classic chic but a little creepy, the decoration with candles, garlands of autumn leaves and a scarecrow. Particularly practical with the classic version: the decoration can easily remain in place all autumn.

If it should be a little creepy, we have a few scary tips ready, of course.

Halloween ghosts: make garden decorations yourself

If you want to make a simple costume for Halloween, throw a bed sheet over your head and cut two holes in it. If you need a simple Halloween decoration for the garden, do it similarly.

  1. So that you don't have to disappear under the cloth yourself, put a stick in the garden and, if necessary, attach two more sticks as “arms” to the first.
  2. A styrofoam ball is put on the top of the largest stick as a "head".
  3. Now cover everything with cheesecloth and spray it with starch. Practical tip: Do not spray the lower part of the "body" so that it can float ghostly in the wind.
  4. If everything is nice and tight, you can attach the spirit to a branch with a cord and carefully remove the sticks.

Halloween decoration: make an outdoor skeleton

On Halloween, not only do the deceased walk in the form of ghosts on earth, the bodies of the dead come back to life and leave their graves. It would be practical if such a grave were right in your front yard on Halloween. Don't worry, you don't have to dig your garden! All you need is some skeletal parts. When the head, arms and legs are skillfully placed, it looks as if the skeleton is digging straight out of your garden.

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