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Decorate The Eggs

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Decorate The Eggs
Decorate The Eggs

Video: Decorate The Eggs

Video: Decorate The Eggs
Video: 10 New Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs | Better Homes & Gardens 2023, April

Easter egg decorating is easy. Even when there seems to be little time left, you don't need much more than homemade Easter eggs, paper and glue for this quick Easter decoration. Here we go!

Decorate Easter eggs

Tool checklist

  • glue stick
  • scissors

The flowers are punched out of firm paper with a motif punch and simply glued to the colored Easter eggs. The Easter eggs come into their own in a pretty wicker basket.

Easter bags with Easter eggs
Easter bags with Easter eggs

You can also make Easter bags that you can give away or use as wall decorations. You can make the lace bags from cardboard with the dimensions 250 x 200 mm in no time. At the top of each Easter bag there is a hole through which a satin ribbon is pulled. Before you glue on the cut letters, tie the ribbons, hang the bags.

Practical tip: Instead of real Easter eggs, you can also fill the bags with wooden Easter eggs. Painted and decorated with crystal mica, they rest on Easter grass cushions.

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