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Craft Ideas With Egg Carton

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Craft Ideas With Egg Carton
Craft Ideas With Egg Carton

Video: Craft Ideas With Egg Carton

Video: Craft Ideas With Egg Carton
Video: diy egg carton crafts making best out of waste 2023, April

The advantage of this craft idea with egg carton: The eggs can remain protected in the egg carton, because this also offers an eye-catcher on the table. With the step-by-step instructions, a handsome egg carton for Easter is conjured up in no time.

Decorate tinker



The handicraft instructions show step by step how to quickly decorate colorful Easter eggs

Easter tinker with egg boxes

Tool checklist

  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • Punch pliers
  • scissors

First of all, the egg box itself has to be tidied up. You can either buy colored egg boxes or paint the normal boxes from the supermarket. The banderole with which the egg carton is stuck works in principle like the stickers that adorn the cartons in stores - only in pretty! To do this, first make a template out of white paper, on which you draw the holes for the closure exactly. Now it's very quick: transfer the template, cut out the banderole and finally glue it onto the cardboard.



Easter eggs

The Sorbian Easter egg is a traditional Easter decoration: how to engrave it

Practical tip: The egg boxes - filled with brightly painted eggs and chocolate - are a nice gift idea for Easter. Small greeting cards can be made from the colored egg boxes and attached to the egg boxes with satin ribbon. Here we also show how to make sweet egg cups from egg boxes >>

Paint the egg box: which color

  • Colored egg boxes (or normal egg boxes, which you can paint with craft paint)
  • patterned papers
  • white paper for the stencil
  • colored boxes for the trailers
  • white pen
  • Satin ribbon 3 mm wide
  • feathers

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Make egg cups out of egg carton

Would you like another idea of what you can make out of egg boxes? You can quickly make these Hahn & Chicken egg cups yourself from an egg carton. The video shows how to do it step by step:

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