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Clean The Ceramic Hob

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Clean The Ceramic Hob
Clean The Ceramic Hob

Video: Clean The Ceramic Hob

Video: Clean The Ceramic Hob
Video: How to clean glass stovetop/cooktop using natural ingredients-- easy and effecient 2023, April

Follow the steps in our video instructions or try one of the many home remedies to clean the ceramic hob.

The glass cover of a ceramic hob has to withstand a lot: the heat from the stove rises from below, it spills and drips from above - the noble sheen of the ceramic hob can quickly become dull. Learn how to clean and maintain your ceramic hob here. Also read which ceramic hob cleaners are available and which are really good for you! In addition to the chemical ceramic hob cleaners from the drugstore, even household remedies that have been forgotten bring back the shine of the ceramic hob - we tried it out for you!

Clean the ceramic hob
Clean the ceramic hob

1. Clean the ceramic hob

It should be part of the daily routine to wipe the ceramic hob with a damp cloth - even before cooking! This is how you remove loose crumbs and dirt that could otherwise "burn in" when cooking. After cooking, let the ceramic hob cool down and wipe away with a soft sponge and a little washing-up liquid, grease splashes and boiled water. Rub the surface dry - done!

Practical tip: Never use abrasives to clean the ceramic hob! Cleaning agents with scouring particles only scratch the ceramic glass!

Even coarse dirt can be removed from the smooth ceramic hob comparatively easily if it is soaked in water and dish soap. In particular, starchy foods (pasta, potatoes, rice, but also milk) leave white stains and edges on the ceramic hob. Wipe the dirt away as soon as possible. If residues remain on the glass, mild ceramic hob cleaners, whose powerful ingredients have been specially developed to dissolve stubborn fat and starch, will help. Important: Then wipe the ceramic hob with clear water and rub it dry.

Ceramic hob cleaner
Ceramic hob cleaner

What to do if stubborn stains remain? A ceramic hob is actually easy to maintain and almost indestructible. However, if the glass is not cleaned regularly after it has been cooked, dark discolourations and colored spots will quickly form. Here it is worth rubbing the cooled stove with benzine, white spirit or universal thinner to remove the stains from the ceramic hob.

2. Ceramic hob cleaner

The easiest way to remove burned-on food is with a ceramic hob scraper. The sharp knife in the glass scraper is guided perpendicular to the surface so that the ceramic hob cannot scratch. Practical tip: The angle between the ceramic hob cleaner and the hotplate influences the degree of cleaning: the steeper you hold the ceramic hob scraper, the more abrasion you generate. In the case of light soiling, on the other hand, flatten the knife over the ceramic hob.

Ceramic hob cleaner
Ceramic hob cleaner

Buy ceramic hob cleaner:

Schulz & Söhnlein ceramic hob scraper

Let the stove cool down and moisten the dirt on the ceramic hob before trying to remove the incrustations with the scraper. If the burnt and overcooked have been successfully dissolved, clean the ceramic hob with a soft cloth and detergent as described above.

Practical tip: We also had good experiences with the so-called dirt eraser - especially old, but thin contaminations of the glass hob could be cleaned well with it!

To delay the new contamination of the ceramic hob, you should seal the freshly cleaned surface so that cooking water and fat splashes do not stick so easily. To do this, rub the cooktop - as shown in the video "Cleaning the cooktop" above - thinly with Vaseline and polish the cooktop to a high gloss.

3. Ceramic hob cleaner from household products

It does not always have to be the special cleaner: simple household remedies work just as reliably against stains and discolourations on the ceramic hob!

  • A mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar is suitable for cleaning dirty ceramic hobs: Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1-2 tablespoons of water and as much vinegar. Against this home remedy, the branded has no chance. But be careful: The paste cleans quite aggressively and should therefore not be used regularly, but only for particularly stubborn incrustations!
  • Everyone has baking powder (= sodium bicarbonate) at home: mix a paste of baking powder and water and rub the ceramic hob with it. Leave to act, wipe again and then clean the hob with clear water and polish dry.
  • For quick cleaning of the ceramic hob in between, simply grab (squeezed) lemon halves: rub the hob with the inside of the lemon and the glass ceramic hob will shine with a fresh shine!
  • Glass cleaner is always an option if you want a quick streak-free shine on glass and window surfaces - but not a classic home remedy.
  • Dishwasher tabs are also highly effective against fat, starch and burned-in ingredients: dissolve the tabs in a little water and spread the viscous paste with a sponge on the ceramic hob. Wipe with a damp cloth after 15 minutes and rub dry.
  • Anything that dissolves incrustations in the oven will also be successful on the ceramic hob: Classic oven spray also reliably removes burned-in items from the ceramic hob! As always: wash off detergent residues with water and polish the ceramic hob dry.

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