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Install The Bathtub

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Install The Bathtub
Install The Bathtub

Video: Install The Bathtub

Video: Install The Bathtub
Video: How to Replace A Bathtub (Step By Step) 2023, November

The systems of the bathroom manufacturers are getting simpler and simpler: in this polystyrene tub, your bathtub stands securely, heat-insulated (bath water stays warm longer) and can be tiled immediately! The picture gallery above shows how easy it is to install a bathtub.

Instructions: Install the bathtub

A hot bath in the tub crowns every good day and is sometimes the last lifeline against the stress of everyday life: Before you can relax in the warm water, you first have to install the bathtub - this guide will help you. Regardless of whether you have chosen a steel bathtub or a sanitary acrylic bathtub, regardless of whether the bathtub is to be mounted on feet or a modern tub support. Practical tip: When buying a bathtub, it is not only the shape and color that are decisive - the dimensions are particularly important when replacing "old for new"! Measure the mixes in the bathroom carefully so that everything fits when installing the bathtub!

These tasks are always identical when installing a bathtub:

  • First: turn off the water supply!
  • Mount the bath tub on the support system (either bath feet or bath support, see below)
  • Attach the overflow and waste set of the bathtub
  • Align and fix the bathtub horizontally
  • Interrupt sound bridges to the masonry / tile mirror (stick the bathtub profile tape on the side of the tub edge)
  • Then seal the joint to the wall with silicone
  • Connect the bathtub siphon to the drain pipe and check the seals
  • Connect the shower fitting and mount the shower head
  • Mount the bathtub cladding
  • If necessary, tile the bath apron and install the inspection flap

Install bathtub on tub feet

In order to be able to mount the tub feet, the tub must be turned upside down (underlay the cardboard packaging to protect it from scratches!). First, Halfen rails are screwed onto the tub - follow the markings and manufacturer information so that the tub is not damaged (only use the screws supplied!). Now the tub feet are inserted into the Halfen rail and adjusted. The stands are usually individually adjustable in height, so that the tub can later be easily leveled horizontally. This is particularly practical for very uneven floors! Now straighten the tub and tub feet and install the tub as described above.

Install the bathtub on the tub support

Today tub supports are usually made of rigid foam. The rigid shells are more or less exactly adapted to the shape of the bathtub and are installed as a whole (do not underestimate the space required for maneuvering in the bathroom!). The styrofoam bowls act as additional insulation and keep the bath water warm longer! In addition, rigid foam tub supports are only suitable for level surfaces (if necessary, level the floor with a leveling spatula).

Position the bathtub support where the bathtub belongs: Now all feed and drain lines must be laid - cutouts in the bathtub support may be necessary! Due to the compact design of the tub support, the work situation is usually somewhat cramped. The bathtub is then inserted and connected to the waste set. Practical tip: Test the drain and siphon for leaks before continuing with the further installation of the bathtub as described above!

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