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Paper Wallpaper

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Paper Wallpaper
Paper Wallpaper

Video: Paper Wallpaper

Video: Paper Wallpaper
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With these instructions you can also paper paper wallpaper: Just follow the individual steps in our wallpapering instructions and look forward to the result. You will be amazed at how easy it is to paper wallpaper with good instructions.

The ultimate wallpapering guide

The instructions above show step by step which steps are required when wallpapering paper wallpaper. For a perfect result, in addition to professional wallpapering, a flat surface is also essential! If you want to paper your walls, they not only have to be firm and dry, but also smooth. Visible masonry is therefore not a suitable wallpapering surface; the course of the joints would shine through the wallpaper or even become clearly visible. Even small cracks and joints in the plaster base should be filled and smoothed out before wallpapering.

Practical tip: Glass fiber wallpaper is particularly suitable against stress cracks in the plaster (due to building movements etc.), which suppresses the formation of cracks in the plaster like an overlying reinforcement.

Forerunner of paper wallpaper

The wallpaper has its origin in the Orient. Long before cheap paper wallpapers were used, the monarchs adorned their walls with large tapestries. According to their origin, the wall hanging was called "Turkish wallpaper" until the 18th century. Since the woven carpets for the wall were very expensive, the French noblemen of the 15th century took their valuable tapestries with them when traveling from castle to castle - as a removable wallpaper, so to speak.

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