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Build A Wooden House

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Build A Wooden House
Build A Wooden House

Video: Build A Wooden House

Video: Build A Wooden House
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There are builders who are nerve-wracked after building a house, and especially with self-builders there is often a lack of energy afterwards. Not so with the Caspers couple. First, Daniela and Volker Caspers wanted to buy a house, then they built their new home out of logs themselves. Although they had to take a deep breath after moving into the new house, they are in a good mood all around: "We are absolutely happy," assures Daniela Caspers, and when she and her husband talk about building a house, they get really enthusiastic. They report great fun, great atmosphere and the fact that the construction of the shell in particular "went much, much easier than expected".


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Build a house out of wood

But how did the couple get to build a massive wooden house and then tackle it so vigorously? Originally, the builder explains, they wanted to buy a used house. However, because there was no suitable one, they decided to build it themselves. It was clear: we want a wooden house. Thanks to many visits to friends, they had often experienced how good it is to live in a solid wood house. "We quickly learned to appreciate the cozy feeling of wellbeing and the pleasant indoor climate thanks to the wooden surfaces," recalls the client.

Daniela and Volker Caspers attached great importance to the fact that they could have their house individually designed by a freelance architect. Own work was planned for the construction from the start. On the one hand because of the savings effect, on the other hand, they wanted to be able to identify more with the house through their own work. That apparently worked. "We grew with the house," says the client, and his wife Daniela says: "Every corner has its own special story". The married couple went to work with four helpers during the construction of the so-called master's house. As the name suggests, they were assisted by an experienced company foreman. He explained to the construction workers in advance how the whole thing should work, gave permanent instructions and always worked there,where the specialist is in demand, also actively. Comment by the couple Caspers: "The care was very, very good."


The builders started with mixed feelings: "We were afraid that we would not be able to pack it or that our helpers would be overwhelmed." They sensed that it was the biggest project of their life - but also that it could be done. Volker Caspers was right: the construction was not only easier than expected, everyone had great fun. The child in the man apparently came out when the logs were put on, when the roof structure was leveled, with all the hammering and screwing. "Like little boys building a tree house!" Smirks Daniela Caspers.

Build a wooden house from solid logs

But there were other moments too. They had made a mistake two or three times in the order of the numbered logs and had to laboriously dismantle the erroneous struts again. Such an eleven meter long, solid block wood is not exactly a cardboard handle! If you have to lift a part like this or if you have to move the heavy rafters, this is a strenuous effort that really drives office workers right into the bones. "It also takes a little time to get used to balancing on the walls," recalls the owner. So what are the prerequisites for building a log house besides having sufficient physical strength? "Anyone who has ever built an Ikea cabinet based on a drawing will get along," says Volker Caspers of his experience. This means:You need some technical understanding and manual skill - and the necessary head for heights for the roof (chair) to work.

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Caspers had planned and booked twelve supervisor days for the assembly of the shell. In fact, the company professional was able to leave the construction site after only eight working days. Everything that had to be done for him was done, and the construction budget was relieved of four unpaid days. Construction began on May 5, and the shell was completed in mid-May. The interior work went off just as quickly. After three months, on August 23, the family was able to move in. In between there were a lot of tasks for the couple. However, they did not actually take care of all the work themselves, but had some of it carried out by experts. The electrical installation was done by an electrician friend. For the sanitary installation, the house construction company recommended a handicraft company,with whom she has already had many good experiences. This also directed the installation of the underfloor heating in so-called supervised own work. Caspers also put the screed installation and tiling in professional hands.

Even so, Daniela and Volker Caspers still had enough to do. For example, the drywall work on the walls, fillet ceiling and crawl space in the attic, or the installation of the doors, for which they ordered the materials from Stommel-Haus. This saves time and effort, and you don't buy anything wrong, not too much and not too little. There was also a lot to plan and coordinate. A construction schedule helped them. Nevertheless, the client now knows, "you need some organizational talent for this". The client has invested almost his entire annual vacation in building a house, plus numerous evenings and weekends. His wife cooked for the builders, took care of the children, and threw the household alongside the construction company. But the effort was definitely worth it, both are firmly convinced. After all, they saved a whopping 20,000 euros through their own contribution. And they can look forward to their own home, which all relatives and acquaintances who come to visit find really great and extremely comfortable.

Living in a wooden house: construction of a master's house


Living in a wooden house - for many builders the epitome of comfort. Thick, solid walls made of wood, the spicy scent of the natural building material and good thermal insulation values convince many willing builders of the advantages of a wooden house.

Master's house: This means building your own house from individual logs (under instruction) and carrying out the interior work yourself. Who can dare to undertake such a construction project? Actually everyone who does not have two left hands, explains Stommel managing director Franz Stommel. He can look back on 32 years of manufacturing experience and knows that thorough planning is the prerequisite for punctual and reliable processing. For this reason, the builders who provide their own work during construction or expansion are given a construction plan. It specifies the ideal order of the individual tasks, work steps and trades from getting the site plan to moving in; It is also very helpful that the usual amount of time is given. In addition, do-it-yourselfers receive detailed tendering aids for the purchase of materials or for the assignment of individual finishing work to local craftsmen.

If you only want to get involved in the interior work yourself, take a stage 1 (fixed and finished, closed building shell) or stage 2 (including complete building services). For the home automation installation on your own, there is all-round support with a training day, practical instructions on the construction site and installation support. The highest level of proprietary security also includes the individual acceptance tests according to construction progress and the respective final acceptance test, which according to the provider guarantees full warranty by the specialist company. If you want, you can also have your Stommel house checked and approved in sections by an independent TÜV expert. And: The site manager can be reached by telephone for his clients six days a week. According to Franz Stommel, the savings effect can be up to 40 percent compared to a turnkey house.

HOUSE DATA House name: Birch (individual planning)

Living space in m²: ground floor 70.48; DG 58.17; Dimensions in m: 8 x 11

Construction: solid timber log house

Roof: saddle roof, 38 degree inclination

Annual primary energy requirement: 74.11 kWh / m2

thermal protection outer wall: 0.26 W / m2K

Price from OK Basement ceiling in euros: 93.123 (master's house), 112.039 (Expansion

House), 191.268 (turnkey) Manufacturer: Stommel-Haus

Source: himself is the man