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Build Skill Games Yourself

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Build Skill Games Yourself
Build Skill Games Yourself

Video: Build Skill Games Yourself

Video: Build Skill Games Yourself
Video: Best Team Building Activities | Smart Skills 2023, September

The games not only train their motor skills, but also their patience. If something doesn't work right away, it can be frustrating. In this way, however, the children learn that it is worth not giving up immediately and fighting for success. Of course, the joy is all the greater when the effort pays off. In these building instructions you will learn how to build skill games yourself.

Nothing works without full concentration in this game of skill. The ball in the ring is supposed to reach the upper (hole-free) surface of the hole wall without disappearing into one of the holes on the way. How difficult the game will be in the end is decided by inserting the drill holes in the multipex plate. The narrower the bars between the different holes, the more difficult the game becomes. But don't worry: Practice makes perfect here too, and as soon as your children get the hang of it, the game can of course be made even more difficult at any time by drilling additional holes.

  • Multiplex 18 thick
  • 1 play ring 100 x 90 (raw dimensions)
  • Multiplex 6.5 thick: 1 perforated plate 790 x 590
  • Pine 30 x 18: 4 support rails 1200 long, 4 cross rails 600 long
  • Wooden balls: 3x Ø 20, 1x Ø 25, 1x Ø 30
  • 2 hinges 50 x 40 (open)
  • 6 eye bolts 16 x 8 x 3.0
  • Chipboard screws
  • twine

Building instructions: Build skill games yourself

A lot of skill is required not only when playing, but also when building. This building guide shows you step by step how to build the skill games yourself. We have attached a drawing for you so that the reproduction of the required play ring is not a problem. PRACTICAL TIP: So that your children can enjoy the garden games for a long time, you should treat the wooden toys with wood preservatives.

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