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Co2 Neutral

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Co2 Neutral
Co2 Neutral

Video: Co2 Neutral

Video: Co2 Neutral
Video: Объяснение углеродной нейтральности | Устойчивость 2023, April

Sustainable, low-emission, versatile: The new StoCryl BF 700 floor coating from StoCretec.

The right floor coating is also part of a healthy, unencumbered indoor climate. The construction chemicals specialist StoCretec has developed the functional floor paint StoCryl BF 700 for mineral substrates. The low-emission acrylic paint fulfills the high requirements for sustainable building according to DGNB and LEED and is also CO2 neutral - because it is produced 100 percent using renewable energies. In addition, StoCretec supports the certified climate protection project "Hydropower in Antsirabé" in Madagascar. The additional afforestation of 40,000 trees on the project area will save a total of around 400 tons of carbon dioxide.

Easy processing

With StoCryl BF 700, concrete floors can be designed simply and flexibly. The one-component paint is supplied ready for use - simply stir, roll up and you're done. It is abrasion-resistant, easy to clean and convinces with its good coverage. Can be tinted according to the RAL color fan and the StoColor system, StoCryl BF 700 fulfills almost all color requirements. The metallic chip mixes silver, gold and copper also set sparkling highlights. With the new one-component StoCryl BF 750 sealant, these are optimally integrated into the paint. StoCryl BF 700 Metallic ensures the unmistakable design with the processing techniques Metallic-Ballotini and Metallic-Effect. Two processing videos show the details of the application.

Versatile use

The application of the StoCryl BF 700 is as diverse as the design options. Due to its high chemical resistance, StoCryl BF 700 is exactly the right product for the simple painting of an oil drip pan. The floor paint is also suitable for basement and hobby rooms, attics, stairs and washrooms and drying rooms. With their wide range of colors and the seven metallic colors, there are no limits to the creativity in recreation rooms, reception areas, corridors, sales and exhibition rooms and balconies. This diversity in combination with the chemical resistance sets new standards. Appropriately adapted and tested system structures are available for the different fields of application.

The low-emission coating is easy to process and versatile. It is produced in a CO2-neutral manner and also fulfills the high demands of sustainable construction: basement stairs or corridors, lounge and reception areas, balconies or attics: StoCryl BF 700 is suitable for a wide range of applications. Photos: OX.11 / StoCretec


Maintain health and create a feel-good atmosphere - in all areas of life. StoCretec has been driving this goal for more than 20 years. With a lot of passion and experience, the construction chemicals specialist develops functional coatings that contribute to a healthy environment for people and animals and enable sustainable building. After converting the production facilities to 100 percent renewable energies, the CO2-neutral floor paint StoCryl BF 700 is another step towards sustainability.


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