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Dressed Up For Hessentag

Dressed Up For Hessentag
Dressed Up For Hessentag

Video: Dressed Up For Hessentag

Video: Dressed Up For Hessentag
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Just in time for Hessentag, the historic listed town hall in Hofgeismar was given a new coat of paint.

The color scheme and material used for the new coat of paint were determined together with the preservation officer of the Lower Monument Protection Authority, namely "Red Odenwälder Ocker 30" from the Histolith color cards. The walls of the historic building consist of a two-shell sandstone masonry, filled with quarry stones and a mineral plaster. In order to stay in the system, the choice fell on the silicate facade paint Caparol Sylitol Finish 130. It is weather-resistant, highly diffusible and has good adhesion due to silicification with mineral substrates. Sylitol Finish 130 has good hiding power, a high degree of whiteness and, thanks to its lightfast pigmentation, high color stability.

The dispersion silicate paint Sylitol NQG was applied to the west exposed gable end, a high-tech paint based on alkali water glass that is hard and stable against mechanical and weather-related loads and against dirt particles. The painters of the Niggemann painting company repaired minor plaster damage, primed the entire facade area and coated the 1,700 m² facade area twice with the paint roller. The result not only makes the painters proud, it also pleases the administration, citizens and passers-by, and Hessentag visitors.

The listed town hall in Hofgeismar was repainted just in time for Hessentag - in the historically documented Histolith color "Red Odenwälder Ocker 3".

A double-armed staircase leads from the market square to the main portal of the Hofgeismar town hall with its stepped gable and bell tower - architectural details that are elegantly contrasted in white.

City building manager Henning Hartmann (far right) is pleased with the successful renovation of the Hofgeismar town hall, carried out by master painter Günter Niggemann and son Jonas Niggemann (center), supported by Caparol sales consultant Frederik Becker (far left)

Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz / Claus Graubner

Source: www.caparol.de